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Dr Sid talks Dad’s influence on directorial debut TOOT, music & future film projects

Dr Sid talks Dad’s influence on directorial debut TOOT, music & future film projects

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Pulse recently caught up with the music star turned director for a chat on making the newly premiered romantic comedy and the future of his filmmaking career.

Have you always wanted to be a filmmaker?

From a very young age, I knew I was going to be involved in film in one way or another. I think music was just a pathway to get there. So I’m super excited about the possibility of being able to make films and be part of the movie process.

Which is your first love, music or film?

Definitely music. Wouldn’t be here without music so yes, music is my first love

How much of your dad’s remarkable career influenced TOOT?

My Dad was a perfectionist. He was always someone that pushed and made sure that you gave your best in every scenario. I think for me that was a very important part of my process, as a filmmaker. I always pushed myself and everyone around me to deliver their best. I mean that influence has come all the way back from my music career.

Did you ever visit any of his sets?

I did visit quite a few of my Dad’s sets. I think that’s also what made me, at a young age, decide that I was going to go into filmmaking at some point.

Are you ever going to consider acting?

I definitely am going to consider acting. I mean I have acted in a few movies. I did ‘Last 3 Digits’ with Nonso Diobi, I was in Jade Osiberu’s ‘Nigerian Trade’ which isn’t out yet. I did a waka pass in ‘The Order of Things’ then a ton of music videos. If I was going to rate my acting, I’ll probably give myself a seven or a six and half.

What’s your favourite film genre?

I don’t have a favourite genre. I love great storytelling so It doesn’t matter what genre the film is in, I like really good storytelling. As long as the story and cinematography is good, I’ll watch it.

You co-wrote TOOT, what inspired the idea?

So TOOT was originally written by a writer in America called Mike Shelton. The idea was very natural and relatable so I optioned the script and had to modify it for an African and Nigerian audience.

Is TOOT is first foray into filmmaking? What challenges did you experience?

While I’ve have worked on short films, I have directed music videos, and shot some other content in the past, but as a feature film, TOOT was definitely my first. From the Director’s point of view, the challenges were dealing with so many moving parts, some of which is out of your control. Overall it was an amazing experience and I look forward to doing it again.

What other filmmaking projects have you got in the works?

None fir now, I think I put all my energy into TOOT but when it’s done, I am looking to work on some series, short films and hopefully, another movie in the next year and half.

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