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EFE OMOROGBE: Working with Tuface is a blessing

EFE OMOROGBE: Working with Tuface is a blessing

Efe Omorogbe is the founder and CEO of Now Muzik. He is also talent manager and creative entrepreneur who have worked with names like Timi Dakolo, Sunny Nneji, Tuface Idibia and Tunde and Wunmi Obe. In this interview with Yetunde Oladeinde, he talks about the experiences, challenges, memorable moments as well as the turning point in his career.

Tell us about your experience as a talent manager?

It’s probably the most difficult job in the world but the process is exhilarating and the results is usually satisfying.

How did you get into the sector?

I would say that I got into the sector through love, fascination and passion. I got into the sector as a diehard fan, then a creative and later an executive. Funny enough, I’m still all of these to varying degrees at different times.

What were the initial challenges?

Some of the Initial challenges included access to platforms for self expression and proper development. There was also the absence of functional structures and institutions and general lack of understanding and support from the larger society.

What was the turning point in your career?

Things started taking shape when I realized the value I brought to the table and then I intentionally increased the value I placed on my time.

You have worked with a lot of talented artistes, share with us, some of the high points of your career?

For different reasons, some of my favourite highs would include certain important moments working with Daniel Wilson, Sunny Neji, Raw, Seyi Shey, Niyola, Freestyle, Obiwon, Timi Dakolo and 2face/2Baba.

What are some of the memorable experiences in the entertainment  sector?

Looking back, I would say that the memorable experiences are way too numerous to mention. Getting in at the time we did a number of things considering how comatose the industry was. There has been numerous wins to celebrate.

You have created a lot of projects and ideas. What inspires you?

The desire to birth the many crazy ideas stealing my sleep at night inspires me. The need to provide solutions for in house projects and clients and the need to always try to push the envelope motivates me.

Also the belief in the talent, in ourselves, belief that against all odds, we have the ability to hit the next target, over and again.

What are some of the changes that you will like to see in the sector?

I would like to see a complete overhaul of the collective management system. It’s fundamental to the growth of the industry and should not be in the state it currently is. Not at a time like this.

The sector can do with revamped data infrastructure. The potential of the local, regional and continental markets is humongous and it is in our interest to optimally exploit it primarily for the benefit of local players.

Tell us about your role models and mentors?

I have been blessed with the privilege of support, guidance and inspiration from a lot of great people, too numerous to mention. The list includes Edi Lawani, Osayende Osunde (late), Toju Ejueyitchie (late), Daniel Wilson and Ayo Animashaun . This is some of the personalities who have had the most profound influence on my work within the industry.

If you had to change something in the entertainment industry, what would it be?

If I had to change something in the entertainment industry, it would be the dysfunctional collective management and the live touring systems.

If you had to advice young people who want to come into the sector, what would it be?

It’s a tough terrain. Don’t let the glam fool you. If you’re ready to put in the work, hard, smart work, it would turn out to be worth it.

How do you relax?

I relax with music, football and going to the Cinema.

What is your favorite travel destination?

My favourite travel destination include Houston, Texas, Fifth Chucker, Kaduna; Jos, St. Kitzs and Tel Aviv, Israel.

What type of books do you like to read?

I like to read Biographies and fiction.

What won’t you do in the name of fashion?

A lot. Anything that makes me uncomfortable.

How have you been keeping safe?

Most times, near paranoid dependence of face masks, hand sanitizer and immune boosters.

What advise do you have for Nigerian youths at this time?

For every reason the system gives you to lose it, find one to keep it together. Nigeria appears wired to annihilate you but you can achieve meaning and excellence if you maintain your focus. It is possible.

What lessons has life taught you?

How the cup is – half empty or half full – is how you choose to see it.

You recently clocked 50.What does being 50 means to you?

For me 50 marks an important milestone, a time to pause, take stock, give thanks, celebrate life, health and wins with family and friends.

Tell us about your growing up?

Growing up was fun and beautiful. Of course, there were rough times but there was always enough love, laughter, beauty and magic to overshadow the bad times.

What shaped you in life – the good, the bad and the ugly?

Love, family, friends, music, film, television, literature, trials, tribulations, stumbles, betrayal, self belief, work ethic, little wins, big wins, tough hoods, bullies, naysayers, haters and cheerleaders. All helped to shape who I am now.

What new dreams do you have for the future?

More like projects than dreams because we’re up and running already. I’m chasing fresh targets in management, A&R, publishing, marketing, film, television, agribusiness, sports business and more. Dreams will come later.

Many can’t talk about 2Baba without mentioning you. Share your experience working with him?

It’s been tough and challenging but worth every ounce of the effort. 2Baba is a blessing.  Working with him has afforded us the platform to express ourselves, prove our mettle, stretch our capability  and earn experience, acclaim and a “little” bit of money.

How do you manage problems between artistes and their managers?

Stakeholders need to draw up, understand, execute and respect their contracts. Where these fail, arbitration should be the standard option for legal resolution.

The current pace of administration of justice in Nigerian courts can be extremely damaging and discouraging.

You are a man of many parts, what other parts are yet to be explored?

Fiction writing, teaching, hosting a radio show, sports management, directing. To mention a few.

Behind every successful man is a woman. Describe the woman behind you?

It’s more like “beside” than “behind” for me. I’ve been blessed beyond measure.

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