Saturday , November 27 2021
Europe witnessing renewed covid surge

Europe witnessing renewed covid surge

With countries like the Netherlands already resorting to a new wave of partial lockdown regulations to counter the fresh increase in cases they are witnessing, other countries have been placed on high alert and taking precautions in advance to counter any impending threats. Protests have also trailed the Netherlands recent attempt to reenact the lockdown regulations that countries resorted to in the earlier days of the pandemic.

Austria is also going to impose a new lockdown on the unvaccinated by midnight today in a bid to reduce the increasing numbers within its territory. The unvaccinated will only be able to go to school, work, exercise and buy essential supplies once the lockdown is in place from midnight onwards.

The United Kingdom is also getting up to 40,000 daily cases, as numbers recorded only 2 days ago indicate. The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has urged Britons to get their booster jabs in a bid to prevent extreme measures from being considered again.

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