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Even with a star-studded cast, ‘red notice’ misses something

Even with a star-studded cast, ‘red notice’ misses something

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The plot sees FBI’s top profiler and later to be revealed Con-man John Hartley(Dwayne Johnson) partner with the world’s greatest art thief, Nolan Booth(Ryan Reynolds), against his nemesis, The Bishop(Gal Gadot), in a daring heist to retrieve three ancient artefacts. At the same time, being hunted down by Interpol Inspector Urvashi Das(Ritu Arya). Throughout their global adventures, which includes helicopter chases, train rides, a masked ball and exploration of a long lost tomb in Argentina, the humorous dialogues are discreetly delivered to effect laughter without trying too hard. But in its bid to remain innocent for a PG-rated audience, the action scenes and gunshots are so unconvincing that it strips a colossal ton of realism from the action thriller.

Another thing Red Notice lacks is the absence of high stakes. Nolan Booth and The Bishop intending to steal $300 million worth of artefacts for selfish benefits and personal closure contributes nothing to the bigger picture of the insufficient world-build. Unfortunately, this comes across as shallow and minimal to serve as the stakes for a heist plot.

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, the fast-paced camera motion during most of the fight scenes is so quick that it gives no room for the audience to be reeled into the action; that it makes a huge chunk of the cinematic experience all too predictable and uninviting.

Another subplot that could have favored the red notice’s ratings that the script conveniently excludes is an in-depth exploration of John Hartley and The Bishops’ romance. How did they get together? What caused Bishop’s flair for elite theft? Perhaps that is reserved for the sequel.

Despite the several holes that could have been filled, ‘Red Notice’ brims with admirable chemistry among three of the world’s finest actors uniting to do what they do best. Except for this time, the product of their union is a film that would cause you only to sit still and have a good laugh.

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