Thursday , December 1 2022
Filmmaking 101: 5 things to know before venturing into filmmaking

Filmmaking 101: Budding Actor get in here, these 5 tips are for you

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The fear of facing the crowd is what permeates the thinking of many actors and they end up making some other silly mistakes simply because they are not conscious of it.

Having in depth knowledge of your character as a budding actor makes you stand out. You earn the respect of fellow actors, directors and filmmakers out there when you do enough research of your character and bring something fresh to the table.

This is non-negotiable. You have to be a lover of films and theatre shows. It’s a basic step in learning and carving your own niche. Watching films and theatre is like researching; you gain knowledge of others in order to better your craft.

Yes, I know you want to be the best; your best. But, making mistakes is a big part of the career. Even veterans still make mistakes -maybe not as much, or maybe they even make as much, but the truth is that mistake are inevitable and the fear of them is not good for an Actor.

Having people to learn with is always good for any person who wants to master their craft. It is not different with actors. As a budding Actor, joining these communities is a very good way to strengthen your craft.

Even though acting is one of those jobs where you get paid to live your passion, some people forget to enjoy it. One of the keys to a successful acting career is to always enjoy oneself while in it.

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