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Filmmaking 101:You must know these 5 things as a Screenwriter

Filmmaking 101:You must know these 5 things as a Screenwriter

With that said, I’d be sharing five things I think you should keep in mind as a Screenwriter

As a Screenwriter, you must understand who you are. Everything you do as a writer must flow from your nature. So, first you must do a thorough interrogation of your nature to know who you are, and what problem your nature has with the world around you.

This is not a thing you can do with the twinkle of an eye, there is no formula to it. So, just keep searching, you’d find it.

Scenes will help you upload your information, but dramatic memory will help create moments that will stick with the audience for a long time.

These moments will carry the plot forward and also help to keep the audience in sync with the storyteller’s journey. Create moments, not scenes.

This is just to say that everything you write must matter. If it’s not important, don’t write it in. Why should we waste our time on less important things? Anything you write must matter to the story progression, the characters and the story world.

Many screenwriters make the mistake of just inserting information because they feel good about it and not because they matter.

Your first act must be compelling. This is not to say that your second and third act should not be, but you need your first act to keep your audience. If your first act fails, your screenplay fails.

So, your first act is not just to introduce your character. Introduce your character quickly, and toss them into the premise of the story.

Nobody goes to the theatre to see a tacky story of two lovers who live their lives without any problem. They want to see conflict. The process of taking your characters through a journey.

Conflict is the barrier between your characters and their goals. People want to see your characters go through turmoil – that’s conflict.

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