Thursday , October 21 2021
Frequent sex improves one's health - Urologist discloses

Frequent sex improves one’s health – Urologist discloses

Dr Samuel made this revelation during an interview on Accra-based Peace Fm.

He noted that the penis serves as a metre that shows a man’s general well-being.

“The penis is like a metre that tells how healthy you are. For men, the penis is a gift from God that tells exactly how our body is functioning. If you happen to have any problem with any part of your body, whether kidney, liver or even your heart, your sexual performance is affected, so, it is important to take very good care of your manhood,” he said.

He added that sex is not only for pleasure but also a tool that strengthens the heart.

“Gone are the days when we thought sex is only for pleasure but science has thought us that sex is a medical tool to curb hypertension. Sex boosts one’s immunity and helps fight diseases including prostate cancer amongst others.”

“Humans are social beings and so sex keeps the bond with our partners which is good for our health and so it sex is a gift from God that improves our health. Anytime you find out your sexual strength is down, then there is a problem and so you must check it,” he concluded.

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