Thursday , August 11 2022
Gideon Okeke calls out producer Frank Rajah over alleged  3-year debt

Gideon Okeke calls out producer Frank Rajah over alleged 3-year debt

The actor, on Wednesday, took to his Instagram story to call out the producer for refusing to pay the owed amount for three years.

The filmmaker, Frank Rajah owes me 500k! I’ve been quiet for 3 years now. Some very important and influential people know this. But like Frank says: “Dem go beat me ni?”, the actor wrote on Instagram.

“If there were structures, this kneegar wouldn’t dare bully himself or try to outsmart me of my ‘SWEAT EQUITY’. You’ve heard of horrible bosses in Nollywood yea? This kneegar one.”

Okeke’s horrible bosses in Nollywood comment references a recently held viral Twitter Spaces that saw multiple scandalous revelations ranging from fraud to sexual harrassment and the ill-treatment meted out to crew members and extras in Nollywood.

Prior to the viral spaces, the actor is known for being very vocal about the film industry. In a recent interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Okeke described the working conditions in Nollywood as ‘gruesomely slave-like’ citing instances where actors are fed with a budget of less than a thousand Naira.

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