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Gospel rapper, Lecrae ends mixtape era with final 'Church Clothes 4'

Gospel rapper, Lecrae ends mixtape era with final ‘Church Clothes 4’

For Lecrae, the mission remains the same even ten years after. “Once upon a time, we had the vision to demonstrate what it looks like to be authentically hip-hop and a follower of Christ,” Lecrae. reveals.

The project has been referred to by many fans and critics who considers it Lecrae’s best work. Lecrae understand the impact and attachment fans have with the project and that’s why he intends to give them one more project.

The first single from ‘Church Clothes 4′, ‘Spread The Opps,’ acknowledges the opposition and stands steadfast despite it.

“I’ve been running for so long from the opposition. Since I was a kid, there were enemies, both physical and spiritual, that were trying to destroy me. I decided to stop running. This song, ‘Spread The Opps,’ is me knowing that even in the valley of death, God is with me. He’s scattering the opposition.”

Atlanta-based image-maker Ray “Neutron” Spears, director of the music video for “Spread the Opps,” says of the song. “’Spread the Opps’ feels like equal parts imprecatory psalm, personal excavation, and charitable warning— a final act of diplomacy. I found myself interested in his inner turmoil and specific inflection points on his journey of realization, how these experiences reverberate outside of Lecrae the individual, and their broader implications in society.”

As he delivers ‘Church Clothes 4’, Lecrae unapologetically stands at the crossroads of sacred and secular. People rocked with Church Clothes because it was the first time someone planted their feet simultaneously in the street and the Church without compromising.

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