Gustavsson linked to Sweden job despite ‘unfinished business’

Despite saying he has “unfinished business” with the Matildas, coach Tony Gustavsson has reportedly interviewed for the Sweden men’s head coaching job.

Gustavsson put himself on the radar of multiple nations following the Matilda’s impressive World Cup campaign in August, and was also linked to the US women’s head coaching role, which has since been handed to Chelsea coach Emma Hayes.

However, the Matildas coach, who is Swedish, shut down rumours of a move last Friday.

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“You’ve heard me say the same thing over and over again: I love working with this team and I have unfinished business and a lot of players feel the same way,” Gustavsson told reporters.

“But I’ve said it from day one – and it’s a part of this job that there’s always going to be speculations.

Gustavsson is contracted to the Matildas until after Paris 2024, but Swedish outlet Sportsbladet claims he has already linked up with the Swedish Football Association and is in the running for to be the coach of the country’s men’s team.

Regardless, Gustavsson reiterated his commitment to the Matildas when questioned about the now-filled US coaching job, at a press conference surrounding next February’s final Olympic qualifiers against Uzbekistan.

“What I really want to be clear on here though, so there’s no misinterpretation on this one, is that I think everyone that has worked closely to me and seen me working with this team over these three years, know how passionate I am working with this team and how much I love this team,” Gustavsson said of his work with the Matildas.

“So I hope people that might have a different agenda. Don’t use this against me now and start saying, ‘Hey, where’s the loyalty? Does he really like working with this team?’

“Because everyone that’s been with me knows what I think about this team and how much I love working with this team.”

Gustavsson has now turned his focus to the Matildas’ friendlies against Canada on December 2nd and 6th, with he and his coaches expected to arrive in the country over the weekend.

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