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Hawkeye: a sharpshooting series that hits the bullseye

Hawkeye: a sharpshooting series that hits the bullseye

The Hawkeye series continues the pattern by introducing its comic character, Kate Bishop, a 24-year-old skilled archer ready to carry on the Hawkeye legacy.

Kate’s superhero ambition is born after being saved and witnessing firsthand the bravery of Clint during the famous ‘battle of New York’ in The Avengers (2012). Added with the death of her beloved father, Kate bishop is determined never to be defenseless and strong enough to protect all within the range of her bow and arrow. But despite her zeal, Kate is oblivious to the harrowing realities coupled with the demanding responsibilities’ putting on a cape’ entails until her chaotic path crosses a haunted Clint Barton, still grieving the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame.

In desperate measures to escape an auction robbery, Kate publicly puts on the infamous Ronin costume Clint wore while being a rogue vigilante during the 5-year blip. The reappearance of ‘The Ronin’ causes a stir from the media, alerting all Clint’s past enemies and victims to crawl from all corners seeking retribution. One of them is Maya, a mute yet formidable antagonist, set on avenging her assassinated father by killing ‘The Ronin’, she presumes is Kate Bishop.

Realizing his past has caught up with him, Clint must secure the suit from Kate, protect her from any potential threats before returning to his family for Christmas.

As Hawkeye’s action-packed plot unfolds in many twists and turns, the two archers share humorous banter that is effected flawlessly. Thanks to the endearing rapport between both actors, Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld.

Written by Elisa Climent, Katie Mathewson, Tanner Bean, Erin Cancino, Heather Quinn, and Jenna Noel Frazier, Hawkeye Incorporates heartfelt dialogues that reveal just how deep Clint Barton’s connection to Natasha was, explores his multiple identities as An Avenger, The Ronin, A Father and A Friend.

By the numerous easter eggs referenced in six episodes, One could tell Hawkeye’s production was not distant from the original comics and intended to be as detailed as possible. For example, Kate’s freehand sketch of his original costume in the comics while discussing Clint’s branding in Episode 2 or the recreation of the ‘Laika Space Dog’ T-shirt. Perhaps it is the ‘1972 Dodge Challenger’ that was used in a car chase sequence; In every episode of the live-action series, memorable images from the comics are brought to life, added with callbacks from previous MCU projects.

Asides from that, another flavor added to this delicacy of this cinematic banquet is the highly anticipated return of Florence Pugh, who reprises her role as Yelena Borova. Recall that in Black Widow’s post-credits, the former Black Widow Spy is approached by ‘Valentina Allegra de Fontaine’ and describes Clint Barton as a target, falsely stating, “Maybe you’d like a shot at the man responsible for your sister’s death.”

During Hawkeye’s mid-plot, Yelena acts on her unresolved grief; Coming for a piece of Clint Barton’s flesh leads to the intense brawl that excludes no one having to throw a punch, release a line, or launch various arrows that last until all differences are settled. And Kate’s mother working alongside Kingpin, who are later revealed to be the principal antagonists, meet their deserved fates.

The crowd-pleasing relationship between Legend and prodigy included with comic book easter eggs, blockbuster action, nostalgic callbacks, and sarcastic nods to the “Thanos Was Right” memes that captured conversations in pop culture.

Marvel’s Hawkeye serves as a superb masterpiece that debuts a promising young-female character at the same time, dives deep into all the remarkable attributes of the most underrated hero in its universe.

You know a show is a success when fans are clamoring for a sequel. And based on widespread praise about its story and performance deserves one.

Especially considering that season one’s conclusion leaves many questions unanswered and opens doors for many possibilities. For example,

Did the Kingpin really die? What happens to Kate Bishop’s mother when she returns from jail? (which she surely will), what’s next for Yelena? seeing her quest for vengeance has been appeased by the real truth of what happened to Natasha, Will there be more Kate and Yelena moments? Considering as the pair hit it off intimately. Will Maya have her own storyline and switch sides after comprehending the real villains?

More importantly, Is Kate becoming a ‘Young Avenger’? These are a few theories season one’s finale set in motion.

With the ever-expanding franchise and a triggered multiverse [thanks to the actions of LOKI, Wanda, and Doctor Strange], no probability is off-limits.

All episodes of Hawkeye are available for streaming on Disney+.

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