Monday , May 29 2023
He's Back! Fauci Returns To Warn Of New COVID Variant And Possible Surge

He’s Back! Fauci Returns To Warn Of New COVID Variant And Possible Surge

Dr. Anthony Fauci has resurfaced to warn of a new COVID variant and the possibility of another surge of the virus. 

Fauci joined Judy Woodruff of PBS to caution that an uptick in COVID-19 cases could take place in the next few weeks

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Making The Podcast Rounds

Fauci gave another warning during an appearance on the ABC News podcast ‘Start Here,’ where he said, “I would not be surprised if in the next few weeks we see somewhat of either a flattening of our diminution or maybe even an increase.”

He added, “Whether or not that is going to lead to another surge, a mini surge or maybe even a moderate surge, is very unclear because there are a lot of other things that are going on right now.”

While COVID cases in the U.S. have fallen off dramatically in the last over the last two months, cases in the U.K. are ticking up due to a new variant called BA.2. Fauci predicted the new strain would overtake the Omicron variant. 

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Ramping Up Fear

Back at PBS, Judy Woodruff asked Fauci if the U.S. was in for another wave of COVID. Fauci would not commit, saying it could not be definitively predicted. 

Woodruff pointed out that the call for Americans to get vaccinated and get booster shots had grown a bit silent. She asked Dr. Fauci if that needed to once again be an urgent message.

Fauci of obliged and said yes. He added,

“I think, psychologically, the country is just not ready to get set back again. But there are things that we can do to prevent that, and that’s the reason why we continue to stress the importance of vaccination and boosting when you are vaccinated.”

Dr. Fauci did not elaborate on just how many booster shots would be effective. 

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More Funding

Woodruff mentioned the $30 billion the Biden administration asked for to combat COVID, but that had been slashed to $22 billion. She asked Dr. Fauci if such a large sum was needed for COVID spending.

“Well, we do need it, Judy. I mean, the money that has been allocated has been well-spent. And we have had a lot of very important successes with that — resources with regard to the vaccinations, the drugs, the tests, all the things that have actually worked well,” Fauci replied.

COVID restrictions have slowly been easing over the past few months, with most states dropping mask mandates as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have adjusted their guidelines. 

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