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How attractive is the bald look on women?

How attractive is the bald look on women?

Hence, there is a general attractiveness of shaving off all your hair but do women look sexy with bald hair?

Shudufhadzo Musiḓa rocked her bald head to win the Miss South Africa competition in 2020; and Nigerian actress, Nancy Isime, also rocks a very low haircut.

Influencer, The Oddity, is also known on social media for her bald head.

A woman who chops off her hair shows an incredible amount of confidence, and it is very endearing.

Another interesting reason why baldness looks great on women is it gives attention to other features like her eyes, nose and lips. It also gives her a very clean look.

But even for a woman, there are many personal benefits to chopping her hair off.

There is the freedom of not thinking of making her hair and just feeling the cool breeze on her head.

I asked a couple of people what they thought of the bald look on women.

Emeka thinks “Some women look good bald, but some don’t. It just depends on her face.”

Samuel feels like the baldness doesn’t add to the attractiveness. “If she is beautiful, she will look good bald.”

Adam thinks that women should be with hair, he prefers wigs, braids, and bob wigs with a tint of brown.

In Sola’s opinion, only insecure men do not like bald women.

Richard finds them attractive and thinks it is not easy to pull off because not a lot of women can take that risk.

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