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How is Lightyear linked to the toy-story timeline?

How is Lightyear linked to the toy-story timeline?

In 2020, The Chief creative officer of Pixar’s declared, “Lightyear was going to be unlike anything we’ve ever done before, but how does this independent production with original characters fit into the already existing toy universe that Andy and Woody live in.

In 1 minute, 45 seconds, the production studios make the lightyear trailer explicit that they intend to tell the origin story of the real Buzz Lightyear, who progresses from test pilot to space ranger. Owing to his green metallic gear in the Toy Story movies, fans believed buzz was a physical remake of an animated character. But with ‘Lightyear’, the film is a Hollywood exemplar bathed in realism, air military command and Nasa level intelligence.

This might drive our minds forwards and backwards, but seeing that ‘Lightyear Buzz’ inspired Toy Story Buzz, some questions come to mind. Do they have the same plot, arc and nemesis? What or who is Lightyear’s Buzz’s rival? Will it be Emperor Zurg? [the robotic demon with red eyes and horns]. Or is Lightyear’s cinematic universe a film from the toys’ owners Andy Davis and Bonnie Anderson? Is the film animated or a live-action movie? Can an animated universe even have one? Many plot holes are yet to be filled.

The details about how, when and where Lightyear fit into the fictional reality of the humans and toys who have existed in all the Toy Story pictures will be answered as we get close to the 2022 summer release. Until then, perhaps we should all take a trip down memory lane to rewatch all the Toy Story movies(1995, 1999, 2010, 2019), television series (Toy story treats, Toy story toons, forky asks a question) and specials (Toy story of terror, Toy story that time forgot) to see any hidden clues or details that may have been intentionally left for this moment.

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