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How the DJ stole the show at APC presidential primaries

How the DJ stole the show at APC presidential primaries

Not many people were looking forward to the Disk jockey choice of songs underlying the event in what can be described as the perfect soundtrack to the ruling party’s primary.

If you’re wondering how the DJ was able to steal the show, here are some of his song selections that generated buzz on social media.

“Wake up, wake up. Don’t sleep. Collect your money” is the opening line of Kizz Daniel’s ‘Buga’ and the line perfectly captured the mood of the primaries. ‘Buga’ reminded both delegates and candidates to wake up and collect their money.

The song choice excited viewers who have been reading allegations of heavy spending at the primaries.

Kizz Daniel’s ‘Buga’ as Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s entrance song

APC National leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu AKA Jagaban was the first candidate to address the delegates and as he was called to the podium, the DJ choose to play Kizz Daniel’s ‘Buja.’

“Let me see you Buga won” which is the song’s chorus loosely translates to ”Let me see you flex on them.” As Jagaban strode to the stage in his Agbada flexing on his haters, the song provided served as a subliminal to Jagaban’s political rivals.

The choice of ‘Ameno Amapiano’ for Tunde Bakare

During his address to the delegates, Pastor Tunde Bakare spoke on the reputation of other contestants and hinted that some of them might end up with EFCC. Tunde Bakare also mentioned how he has refused to share dollars like other candidates and all his primary means of campaigning was bulk SMS.

As Tunde Bakare was leaving the podium, the DJ decided to play ‘Ameno Amapiano’ with “You want to bam bam, you want to chill with the big boys” blaring out of the speakers. The viewers didn’t miss the song as it suggested Tunde Bakare was apparently out of his element in his desire to chill with the big boys.

Sweet Mother for the Only Female Candidate

The primary’s only female contender Barr. Uju Ken Ohanenye addressed delegates on the need for a woman to steer the country’s ship since men have failed. She however concluded her speech by saying the time isn’t right yet and stepping down for Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

As she left the podium, the DJ played the famous ‘Sweet Mother’ track in what was a rather satirical soundtrack to her mechanical speech,

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