Thursday , June 1 2023
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How to get the most from the fast-paced weekends

How to get the most from the fast-paced weekends

This forex broker has the key to slowing down your weekends.



The phrase “You snooze, you lose” is most relatable at the weekend.


The weekend seems to pass by in a flash – it’s like you feel the rush of finishing from work at 5 pm on Friday and then you blink and it’s suddenly Monday again.


The Sunday Blues is a real thing among Nigerians. Ask around. Many people feel overwhelmed and exhausted that yet another Monday lurks two short days away from Friday. If you look through Twitter a lot, you’ve likely seen people have conversations about creating petitions for 3-day weekends.


It’s lovely to unwind from the week’s pile of activity, and while we may crave even more free time, there is that back-of-mind feeling that our time of rest may be a time we could use to be productive, invest in ourselves, or put plainly- make money.


According to Laura Vanderkam, author of Off the Clock, weekends never seem to be long enough because we take a break from staying mindful. To paraphrase Vanderkam, “Weekends feel short because we don’t think about how we are spending our time… all most want to do is nothing, but that’s a recipe for a completely forgettable weekend”.

A simple solution, now, is to make a plan. A plan to recover, rest and have fun in a way that brings you closer to your financial goals, so you don’t feel like your time is going to waste.

With OctaFX, there is no trading one for another. Time goes by when you’re having fun, but it’s more fun when you’re making some money. OctaFX opened its gates for cryptocurrency trading at the weekend.


Catch up quick: Cryptocurrency is all the rage right now, so it’s unlikely that you’ve never heard of cryptocurrency, except you’re my great aunt Carol, who was gifted some crypto art (NFTs) last Christmas. She has since then read up on this whole new world and now owns a couple of coins. So, if you don’t know what cryptocurrency is, you’re likely on your own with that.

Crypto is a hot topic not only among investors but in popular culture too. The trading hours of


the crypto market add to the craziness. Neither holidays/Sundays nor weekends exist in the crypto calendar. You can trade not just all day but even all night. Services like OctaFX combine the best of a crypto wallet and an exchange, bringing you closer to investing goals. They have a practice trading account so newbies can give it a try before they use real funds.


Up until recently, the global Forex broker OctaFX kept trading activity for forex and cryptocurrency open only Mondays through Fridays. Truthfully, no matter how fast the weekends seem to go by, it’s always a long wait for open markets on Monday. Now engaged all week long, users have the opportunity to increase their financial worth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How to get the most from the fast-paced weekends


Have a boring weekend? Trade crypto on OctaFX.


Have a great weekend? OctaFX makes it even better for you when you trade cryptocurrency. If it’s bringing you closer to your goals, it makes perfect sense.

This is in no way investment advice, it’s just to spread the word about OctaFX helping you leverage the future.


So, do you want your weekend time to flow slowly as you go about your same ol’ routine, or do you want to look back at your weekend fulfilled, marveling at how much progress you were able to make towards your financial goals in such a seemingly short amount of time? There’s no right answer, but the choice is yours.


In many ways, the past few weeks have been a breakthrough for OctaFX in Nigeria, with the icing on the cake being awarded ‘Best Forex Broker Nigeria 2022’ by The Global Banking & Finance Review. To be honest, this is not a surprise. OctaFX is that one broker that keeps on giving.


While it would be fabulous if OctaFX could come up with some way to make the weekends longer, for now, we will make do with moving towards our financial goals as swiftly as the weekends go.


Activation in Roving Heights, Lagos, Nigeria.

What’s a better proof of celebration than freebies?

In the spirit of celebrating the new 24/7 trading window OctaFX users now have, the book lovers get freebies! Walk into Roving Heights Lagos and request for a free bookmark – it’s yours for the taking. It’s got information about trading on the weekends, but I promise, it’s not “packed” so you’re not distracted at your reading time. Hurry now. Offer valid until hands can reach the bottom of the freebie bag.

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