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How to sculpt the perfect body

How to sculpt the perfect body

What influences where fat goes to in your body;

Testosterone and estrogen are important when it comes to where fat goes.

For men, the weight gain is mostly accumulated in their belly while women store fat in their hips and legs.

For men, too much weight gain around their waist is especially dangerous. It signals other challenges like heart diseases, diabetes and a lower sex drive because of low testosterone.

Your genetic pattern and your natural body mass determine where you gain weight. If you are much bigger in your upper body you are more likely to gain weight there.

You can tone your body so that weight gain is not arbitrary and random.

Although eating more food rations helps to gain weight, the right food and the right exercise regime is the defining activity.

You have to be more specific about the type of food you take in. If your plan is just to eat unhealthily that might not be a good way to gain weight and tone your body.

Although increasing your food rations helps you gain weight, your calorie intake is essential; eat food with higher calorie content. A good example would be brown rice, peanut butter, yoghurt, tofu, lean steak and fish, milkshakes from milk, banana and berries.

Snacks before you sleep also helps you add calories.

Junk food makes you add fat but not the type you need to give you the desired body.

To get a better and toned body you need lean muscle and that is gotten from exercise. Whether your goal is to gain weight or lose weight, more specific exercise helps you.

Round buttocks; Step-ups, lunges, squats, press up and pulls

Buffed chest- Lift barbells, do some press up

Lose belly fat. You need to engage in exercise that challenges your core work, cardio and strength. Like burpees, mountain climbers, planks and walking on a treadmill

Wider hips – squat kicks, dumbbell squats, sumo walks, hip lift progression

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