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How Tos: 3 ways to create a graphic eyeliner look

How Tos: 3 ways to create a graphic eyeliner look

Graphic eyeliners are trendy right now and they are an interesting way to do your makeup.

I saw a lady in church with an interesting graphic eyeliner and I thought to share some tips with you all.

However, I am not an expert at this so I sought the help of the writers at Total

But before we go forward look at the diagram below for a definition of terms. You need to know where your lash line, upper lash line and crease is to master this look.

For this look, Total Beauty says you have to look straight in the mirror with your eyes open, using a colourful eyeliner,

“Draw a rounded line that sits just above your crease, working from the inside edge of your eye, outward. Once you hit the outer corner, extend the line up on a slanting line, then work your way back towards the inner corner of the eye.” Total Beauty says.

Another look to try is this rounded look; this is similar to the one above, the only difference is that it is rounder and does not extend out,

“Line your top lash line, making the line fairly thick. Then draw it back up, above your crease, stopping at the midpoint of your eye.”

You can draw an open ended eyeliner. This should be the easiest.

“Draw the bottom line first, aiming straight out from the corner of your eye. Place the second line a few millimetres above the first, extending it a bit further.”

Whatever way you choose to draw your eyeliner, experiment with color and wear it with boldness.

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