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How your sex drive changes as you get older

How your sex drive changes as you get older

Here is a timeline of your libido through the years.

For men in their 20s, their sex drive is at a all time high because of excess testosterone.

It is at the highest it will ever be but lack of experience, anxiety about their body and relationship with the opposite sex might hamper this unbridled sex drive and lead to conditions like erectile dysfunction.

Women in their 20s are pickier about who they have sex with even though they are at their most fertile stage.

A man’s sex drive decreases by 1% every year until he is 35 years when it takes a deeper nosedive, the responsibilities of work, children and life might cause sexual urges to steep.

Now at the prime of their child-rearing stage, women in their 30s are more experienced and assertive about what they want from sex.

However, pregnancy, taking care of children and the responsibilities of being a wife and mother might prevent them from exploring that stage.

Erections are not as frequent or firm though the sexual urges are still there, different health challenges might affect sexual prowess so to speak.

For women who are over 50 years old, menopause causes vaginal dryness, anxiety, and hot flashes and lead to a nosedive in sexual urges.

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