Monday , September 26 2022
Nine Things To Know About Comic Actor, Baba Suwe

I Never Knew He was My Father – Baba Suwe ‘Son’ Emerges During Burial

A grown-up son of veteran actor, Babatunde Omidina, also known as Baba Suwe, who claimed he did not know the veteran was his father has emerged during his burial

The young man, who is a doctor by profession, identified himself as Akanni Sherif Omidina and spoke to some newsmen during the burial.

He revealed that he had always loved Baba Suwe and enjoyed his movies but had no idea he was his father.

Sherif stated that his mother refused to reveal the identity of his father to him.

He said: “My story is peculiar because my father is there and my mother knows him, and I’m busy looking for my father, going to places…It’s not easy.”

The doctor claimed that the experience has taught him how he intends to build his family.

However, he revealed that he met the veteran before his demise and he was welcomed with open hands.

Meanwhile, a United Kingdom-based Nigerian Prophetess, Mary Olubunmi Dasmola has sent a warning to Nigerian youths.

The clergy woman, in a statement released to the press warned Nigerian youths to avoid the “get rich syndrome” and fix their eyes on God instead.

She stated that the recent increase in internet fraud is based on the hunger for material things.

She went ahead to blame the government for not educating the youths properly thereby making them go into fraudulent acts

She said: “In Nigeria, we seem to have a section of youth that have lost touch with purpose, hence, the consistent stench in the moral fabric of our society.

“The rise in cyber crime most notably called ‘yahoo yahoo’ and even kidnapping is hinged on the love for material things. Read more

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