Sunday , June 4 2023
Ibitayo ‘Tsaint’ Ibikunle debuts first-look teaser for ‘Gidan Dambe’ (House of Dambe)

Ibitayo ‘Tsaint’ Ibikunle debuts first-look teaser for ‘Gidan Dambe’ (House of Dambe)

Filmmaker Ibitayo ‘Tsaint’ Ibukunle has unveiled a first-look teaser for his forthcoming feature film ‘Gidan Dambe’ (House of Dambe).

Ths action drama written, directed and shot by Tsaint, explores Dambe boxing, a martial arts style from Northern Nigeria.

The story follows two brothers who attempt to find their place in a new community after being displaced from their home.

Shortly after they arrive, they attract the wrong crowd and are eventually drawn into the fist bumping, arm breaking and bone wrecking world of Dambe.

Speaking on the story’s inspiration, the filmmaker shared:

“I’ve wanted to tell an original Nigerian story for a while, and I stumbled on Dambe fighting on a visit to Northern Nigeria. I found the fighting style to be unique and interesting.”

“After months of visiting different arenas, speaking to the locals and watching fights, I knew there was a story there and I wanted to bring it to the big screen,” Tsaint added.

‘Gidan Dambe’ stars Abdul U. Zada, Energy Uloko, Saeed Mohammed (Funky Mallam), Zainab Yakubu, Sani Bawo Rigasa, Spotlyt, Nura Mc Khan, and Amina Buzuwa.

While an official release date is yet to be confirmed, the feature length film is expected to tour international festivals and eventually take the streaming route.

Watch the teaser:

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