Sunday , September 19 2021

‘If I have to think before I can find female artists, it means we have a problem,’ Prince Kaybee tells Cuppy

Prince Kaybee on being a producer and DJ

“Balancing between being a producer and a DJ, I think you do need other people’s music. For me, it goes way deeper than just playing my own music. Like I said, it inspires me a lot for me to hear things I don’t know in other people’s songs, critically. So, I literally go back to my template and try and see where I can improve myself.”

Prince Kaybee on working with Nokwazi on ‘Ebabayo’

“One of the things that I really do and give people, especially someone I’m going to collaborate with, is a lot of room to express themselves, as much room as possible. Because I think on the song, if you listen to the instrumental, it doesn’t really give you a happy party mood.

“It’s a very sad song, sad strings, very emotional song. And I think Nokwazi with the gimmicks and the hook, she came up to try and live up the song, give it some life.

Prince Kaybee on his reasons for setting up ‘Project Hope’

Prince Kaybee: “‘Project Hope’ is solely attracting women. And I feel like from the top of my head, especially in South Africa, if someone asked me who is the top female artist, I literally have to think about it, which is a problem, you know?

Cuppy: “100%.”

Prince Kaybee: “Yeah. I must just be able to call it out. Yeah.

Cuppy: “You’re right.

Prince Kaybee: “If I have to think about it, simply means we have a problem. So we’re trying to change that narrative and give people more female art. And I feel like women are more… Well, according to me, in my experience, I feel like women are more committed than men in anything. It’s just that they need more-

Cuppy: “Yes, Prince. Tell them.”

Prince Kaybee: “…more exposure. Yeah.”

Prince Kaybee on why ‘The 4th Republic’ is dedicated to his fans

I dedicated this whole album to my fans because it’s my fourth and they have been very engaging as to what kind of sound they think would suit me better and all those things. I know you kind of listen to everyone, but the hints were there and I took some ideas and got inspired by my fans.

“So I decided to dedicate this whole album to them so that we can have a conversation with the music.”

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