Wednesday , April 14 2021
IllBliss presents trailer for 'The Hero's Walk'  (The Igbo Apprenticeship System) documentary

IllBliss presents trailer for ‘The Hero’s Walk’ (The Igbo Apprenticeship System) documentary

The rapper shared the documentary’s official trailer via his social media handles on Thursday, March 25. He captioned his Twitter post: “Proud to present the trailer for an amazing and well told documentary.

This is our story, HOW so many empires and legacies were built. The Business! Starring myself and Our Father Osuofia NkemOwoh. THIS IS “The Hero’s Walk” (Tne Igbo Apprenticeship System)”.

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Produced by Hero lager, the documentary will feature top Igbo entrepreneurs among others as they discuss how the apprenticeship practice known as ‘Imu Afia’ contributed to the building of business empires.

Watch the trailer:

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