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In ‘Subaru Boys: Final Heaven’ Cruel Santino creatively blends game, anime and thrilling sounds

In ‘Subaru Boys: Final Heaven’ Cruel Santino creatively blends game, anime and thrilling sounds

His latest album Sabaru Boys: Final heaven embodies a futuristic course to Alte and contributes to the rising tower of Afro-beat in general. With production credits going to Tochi Bedford, Gus Dapperton, Le Mav, Odunsi(The Engine) and others. The album has a range that certifies him as a genre-bender and serves as a statement; He cannot be put in a box.

Across its one hour playtime, when you are not nodding your heads to the mid-tempo RnB HEATING ROCKS, you are stroking an invisible electric guitar, and punching the air to the Alt-Rock harmony THE WAY OF THE SERPENT. The Trap is sizzling in OWN GAME (ft Bratzbih, Ebee, & Seo) just as the grime is in THE PEARLS where he and Maison 2500 go back to back on rap verses as they did in 2018s ICY. Nigerian-adopted princess Amaarae adds her feather-light vocals to BORN AGAIN returning the favour for Santino’s recent appearance in Jumping Ship. WAR IN THE TRENCHES will make you feel like the main character in conquering levels in a computer video game while hearing Santi go on about the pain of rejection and the inevitability of cutting losses and moving on.

However, that positive spirit in the outro of the third track is the opposite of the tone in the Indie-pop BEAUTIFUL NOTHING featuring American Synth-pop star Gus Dappterton; In which the two artists melodiously address the vanity of emotionalism and heartbreak after a failed relationship with who seems to be their muse for this particular record. For the Nigerian Alte fans listening to this project, FINAL CHAMPION produced by Tyler Turner is definitely a fan favourite. It is only fitting to begin imagining a Gen-Z crowd raging to “Mami wey dey water no fit touch me, Were touch me Were touch me!” at a concert this December.

TAPENGA is where Santino officially introduces his audience into his fictional heaven and hell before you make your exit in the 21st and final title SA-KARUCHAN. Twenty-one songs for an album is lengthy but ambitious! Seeing this came almost three years after his debut album, the desire to give listeners a full course of audio and cinematic treat is understood. However, should one begin to fret about when a new body of work may surface?.

Cruel Santino is a creative world builder. And so far with his EPs and LPs, he invites an exclusive group of individuals from certain demographics to come in with a liberal mind, and leave with a refreshed one. Subaru boys’ Final Heaven is an explosive display of artistry. It goes beyond saying that this project is his lobby of a fictitious realm of euphoria and doom, totally distant from the daunting realities unfolding in society today. But I guess that is the point of the album title.

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