Jailed footballer, Robinho

Jailed footballer, Robinho ‘learning electronics repair in prison’after being convicted of gang rape in Italy

Jailed footballer, Robinho

Disgraced ex-Man City and Brazil winger Robinho is reportedly learning a new career by taking a prison course during a nine-year prison sentence.



The former Premier League player, 40, whose real name is Robson De Souza, was one of six men who were found guilty of assaulting an Albanian woman in an Italian nightclub in January 2013, when he was playing for AC Milan. 



In March, he was handed a jail term in Brazil, following a landmark supreme court ruling, after Italian prosecutors felt he should serve his sentence in his homeland.



According to a new report by The Sun, Robinho is learning new skills in basic electronics, including TV and radio repair, as part of a programme provided by the Brazilian Universal Institute to prepare inmates for life after their release. 



Robinho’s lawyer Mario Rosso Vale said: ‘Robinho is keeping his head down and quietly getting on with it… he is being an exemplary inmate and has had no issues with other prisoners.



‘They even gave him some football boots, once he was integrated, to join in the games during recreation time.



‘He is keeping himself occupied. He has signed up for a basic electronics course learning how to repair TVs and radios. He has to do 600 hours of remote learning to qualify in this area.’



Vale added: ‘It’s hard to say whether he’s enjoying it or not, but it’s helping to pass the time.’ 



Robinho has also volunteered to run a reading programme which distributes 500 books a month to other inmates.



The Milan Court of Appeals found Robinho had ‘belittled’ and ‘brutally humiliated’ the victim as it upheld his original sentence in December 2020. 



For his part, Robinho claims he is innocent, and his lawyers are currently appealing his sentence. 


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