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Jalen Hurts notes Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant’s mentality

Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts noted how Super Bowl-caliber games are ‘all in the details’ as said by Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant ahead of Sunday’s showdown.

Speaking to the media before the highly anticipated Super Bowl this weekend, Jalen Hurts referenced the championship mentality of NBA legends Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant as the key to victory.

“Kobe, MJ… they talk about it all the time, you play in games like this it’s about the details. It’s about eliminating external factors and things that don’t matter to focus on what’s important, and I feel like all year that’s been my mentality going into every game.

“It comes down to your preparation.”

Jordan and Bryant won a combined 11 NBA championships and are widely regarded as two of the greatest players ever as Hurts looks for inspiration to leap over the final hurdle and bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Philadelphia.

Jalen Hurts can complete redemption arc with Super Bowl triumph

Hurts was drafted by the Eagles with the 53rd pick in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft, but it wasn’t always sunny in Philadelphia for the former Alabama and Ohio State quarterback.

The 24-year-old acknowledged that in his rookie season there were many who doubted his ability and disagreed with the draft pick.

“Well my first year here, I mean, they probably didn’t even want to draft me here. Probably one of those things but it always handles itself.

“My favorite verse – you know, I went through a lot of stuff in college and it kind of stuck with me — John 13:7 ‘You may not know now but later you’ll understand.’

“Hopefully people understand.” 

According to NFL betting sites, Philadelphia are 1.5 point favorites to win the Super Bowl and Hurts is also a leading candidate to win Super Bowl MVP alongside Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and AJ Brown.

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