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James Woods Demands Arizona Secretary Of State Who Called Trump Supporters Nazis Should Recuse Herself – The Political Insider

Conservative actor James Woods has mentioned that the Arizona Secretary of State who known as Trump supporters Nazis ought to recuse herself.

Allegations Of Voting Irregularities In Arizona

Arizona, a vital swing state within the presidential election, was known as for Joe Biden on Thursday by mainstream media sources, after the AP and Fox known as the race for the previous Vice President a lot earlier on final week.

Nevertheless, regardless of the obvious win for Biden, there have been allegations of irregularities all through the state, equivalent to Republican-leaning voters alleging they had been pressured to make use of Sharpies to vote, and voting machines and poll counters lying abandoned in a shopping mall.

The Maricopa County GOP Chair, Rae Chornenky, even stepped down from her position on Wednesday, after it was found that neither she nor her second in command had been current to signal the Cerificate of Accuracy for the voting machines.


What has additional difficult the matter is the reveal that Arizona’s Democrat Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, shouldn’t be solely on the left as anticipated, but has slandered supporters of the President as being literal Nazis.”

“[President Trump] has made it abundantly clear he’s extra concerned about pandering to his neo-nazis base than being [President] for all People,” Hobbs tweeted in 2017.

And in replying to then Senator Jeff Flake in regards to the Charlottesville clashes between white supremacists and antifa, Hobbs mentioned that “the President is on the aspect of the freaking Nazis,” hysterically imploring Flake to “DO SOMETHING!!!”

Woods: Hobbs Ought to Recuse Herself

Conservative actor James Woods summed up the sensation of many People in regards to the state of the race in Arizona in a tweet which included a screenshot of Hobbs’s feedback.

“This girl is looking each Trump voter a ‘Nazi’,” Woods mentioned. “As Arizona’s Secretary of State, she will likely be accountable for any recount. Ought to she not recuse herself after vocally dismissing half the voters in her state?”

How might any sane, cheap individual, belief the outcomes of a recount in Arizona, or any assesment of the votes, when that is the individual accountable for that oversight?

Think about for a minute, that Hobbs was some kind of raging Putin fanatic, who vocally expressed her help for the Russian regime, declared any opposition to her views as being American propaganda, and who screeched that Senators should “do one thing” to close down opposition.

Then think about that Putin and a liberal had been going up in opposition to one another in a really tight election, and Hobbs was in cost. Would you belief her to rely the votes correctly? I do know I certain wouldn’t, and I doubt anybody on the left would in that scenario both!

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