Jamie Raskin talks about Jared Kushner on MSNBC

Jamie Raskin Demands All The Info On Jared Kushner And The Saudis

House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) says he wants all of the information on Jared Kushner’s business dealings with Saudi Arabia.

Rep. Raskin said on MSNBC:

Well, we have been trying to get this information for more than one year. We know that Kushner pocketed two billion dollars. And $25 million a year management fee from the Saudi government and the UAE, they have also kicked in money, so there is more than three billion dollars in there, and we want to be able to reconstruct what exactly those countries got out of it. Remember, Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund advisers recommended against giving that money to Jared Kushner on the grounds that he was inexperienced and they were asking a ridiculous sum of money.

Their advisers were overruled by the homicidal crown prince himself, who, of course, had been essentially bailed out of his situation that he had gotten himself into when he ordered the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi back in 2018. So, you know, Trump did a lot for them. Donald Trump bragged about it. Saying innocence, he saved the prince’s posterior multiple times, and he wanted to continue to remind him of that.

Well, we know that Jared Kushner created a business the day after the Trump administration ended, and within a few months, he had brought home billions of dollars from the Saudi government. So we want all of the information, in the same way that the committee is going for all of the information about Hunter Biden, who, after all never worked for the government, was not in the Biden administration, he is the adult emancipated son of President Biden, they want all of that information, we should get the information about Jared Kushner who is not just presidentTrump’s son-in-law, but he was actually managing Middle Eastern foreign policy at the time.

Raskin and Oversight Democrats have stated that they are going to release a report on Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia, and all of the other foreign money that the Trump family took in during the Trump presidency. If Kushner and Trumps think that this investigation will go away, they are in for a rude awakening.

If Democrats take back the House next year, Jamie Raskin will be the chair of the Oversight Committee, so the work Democrats are doing now is laying the groundwork for a full-blown investigation if they return to the majority.

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