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Jennifer Lopez marries total stranger in new rom-com ‘marry me’

Jennifer Lopez marries total stranger in new rom-com ‘marry me’

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In the exciting trailer, an unusual and surprising wedding unfolds between superstar singer Kat Valdez(Jennifer Lopez) and a divorced high school math teacher Charlie(Owen Wilson); at Kat’s concert, where over 20 million fans are spectating. Kat is meant to recite her wedding vows to her boyfriend Bastian (Maluma). But, sadly, Bastian is caught by the paparazzi having an affair with Kat’s personal assistant during the tour. So, out of impulse, Kat, alone on the altar-like stage, says yes to the random guy[Charlie] in the crowd holding a ‘marry me’ placard.

Realizing what they’ve done, the pair attempt to give the marriage a chance to be real and will spend the rest of the plot deciding whether or not they are right for each other.

The synopsis being a rare love story between an A-list celebrity and a high school math teacher makes it a definite must-see for Rom-com lovers. However, what makes this Rom-com further appealing is the musical performance from two of the world’s finest pop artists. Its run time is packed with original songs by Jennifer Lopez and global Latin music star Maluma.

Directed by Kat Coiro, ‘Marry Me’ [based on a graphic novel written by Bobby Crosby] aims to tell an unlikely romance story between two individuals from different works of life, forced to deal with modern public scrutiny through social media. This is a real issue most celebrities face, including the lead actress herself. Perhaps this is the 50-year old’s actress/singer way of going for what she truly wants, in a generation distracted and blinded to what is real.

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