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Joeboy, LadiPoe, Sess, Naeto C and more feature on MainlandBlockParty's, 'Confluence Project Vol. 1'

Joeboy, LadiPoe, Sess, Naeto C and more feature on MainlandBlockParty’s, ‘Confluence Project Vol. 1’

Confluence EP, the 7-track project is aimed at celebrating Nigeria’s creative authenticity, by providing a sonic meeting point of different styles. Jointly produced by Sess and Adey, the EP crosses the divide between different artists and their sounds, building a single bridge to unite them all.

The end-product is a cross-generational and cross-genre hybrid of songs offering a unique take on local music and sound appreciation.

Mainland Block Party - Confluence Project Vol. 1. (Topboy)

Mainland Block Party – Confluence Project Vol. 1. (Topboy)

Confluence features African rappers including legend Naeto C, Headies-winning LadiPoe, and the peculiar Terry Apala, mixed in with buzzing creators, Buju and Fave. The EP inclusively pitches multiple, differing creative styles, mixing them together to seek out a singular harmony.

It comprises fresh takes on maturing sounds, unification of different schools of thought, cultures and textures into a project where everything and everyone is welcome.

Inspired by the confluence of Nigerian rivers Niger and Benue, the EP is a reflection of the inclusive brand message of Jameson and Mainland Block party. Everyone is welcome, individuality is championed, expression is sacred and originality is considered magic.

“I like the idea of collaboration. What really drew me into it was the reference they used on it. It felt like each person was interested in mashing up their songs in a way to advance the track, in respect to the other person,” says LadiPoe.

“Working on this was a welcome challenge, due to my experience in bringing sounds together. For the growth of the industry, that idea of collaborating, and seeing how you can merge with someone else and create something magical is seeing the industry in a bigger picture. It’s like putting the culture first,” says Producer, Sess.

Jameson is the smooth Irish Whiskey that continues to fuel authentic moments of connection between individuals and within communities. From the bearded brothers bonding over their love of lush, bushy facial hair; to alternative communities finding common ground through their vibrant spirit and love for fashion, music.

Jameson unites by creating and nurturing bonds along cultural and artistic lines. Confluence EP is another extension of that community focus, this time with a groovier twist.

The Mainland Block Party (MBP) has grown from an intimate monthly party series on the Lagos mainland neighbourhood in Ikeja, to become Africa’s premier youth culture movement. Using the power of joyful and celebratory cultural spaces, the brand leads in supporting the music community via platforming a spectrum of heterogeneous creatives.

Jameson’s productive connection with the MBP is the powering force behind Confluence EP. Music stands tall as one of Nigeria’s most unifying cultural element, and Confluence EP is its most accurate reflection of that unity, and the message #MusicBringsUsTogether

Link to Project ——> https://lnkfi.re/ConfluenceProject

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