Monday , December 5 2022
Jon Stewart calls the Supreme Court the Fox News of Justice

Jon Stewart Calls The Supreme Court The Fox News Of Justice

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Jon Stewart called the Supreme Court the Fox News of Justice as he hosted a fantastic panel discussion with three female law professors on the overturn of Roe.

Video of Stewart discussing Roe with law professors Melissa Murray, Kate Shaw, and Leah Litman:

Stewart said, “You know, it would have been one thing if they sat in the confirmation hearings and said, “My entire ideological bearing is that life begins at conception and that abortion should be made illegal.” And at the very least, you would respect their honesty and integrity. But this makes the court a cynical pursuit. It feels like the Fox News of Justice. That this is a political — having nothing to do with scholarship or anything else. This was a desire in search of a rationale.”

For more on the Supreme Court, listen to the Politicus Pod:

The law professors expressed a lack of surprise at the overturn of Roe, with the general point being that this might have been the only thing that Donald Trump ever told the truth about.

Stewart brought up several times that this court appears to make decisions based on dogma and religious beliefs.

Professor Shaw raised the point that these decisions are the conservative majority exercising their raw power, “But really it’s just raw power. It’s an exercise of power. They have the votes, so they did it.”

The Supreme Court is now nothing more than an ideological exercise of conservative power, and it will be up to the American people to elect members of Congress who will check their power.

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