Friday , December 2 2022
Kida Kudz and Mr. Dutch team up for thrilling EP ‘World Citizens'

Kida Kudz and Mr. Dutch team up for thrilling EP ‘World Citizens’

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Kida Kudz and Mr. Dutch fuse various sounds from the Afrobeats scene from both Nigeria and the UK evoking upbeat emotions and setting ablaze a party aura.

Focusing the better part of 2022 on creating timeless numbers such as ‘Rocket Launcher’ sees them bragging to their muse of their material property and their capability to provide whatever they want.

Packing euphoric numbers such as ‘Dancing Animal’ which is guaranteed to be a fan favorite both on playlists and on the dancefloor they blow up their sonic tempo transitioning into a mellow serenading soundscape.

With a vision of ensuring an Afrobeat feeling when listening to the album, Kida Kudz and Mr. Dutch employed renowned producers such as Barry Jhay creating an illusion of Nigeria while signing off the project.

For Kida Kudz who is making a comeback after the release of ‘Top Member’ in 2021 and serving as a debut project for Mr. Dutch, the project is a compilation of summer vibes and authentic Afro aura.


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