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Left Is Outraged After Biden Says Student Loan Payments Will Resume

Left Is Outraged After Biden Says Student Loan Payments Will Resume

More disappointment in the Biden administration will be coming down the pike for progressives as it was announced on Monday that student loan repayments will resume on February 1, 2022.

Student loan repayment had been paused because of COVID, but will not be extended, per the Biden administration.

Loan repayments were halted in March of 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic and set to resume Oct. 1, but were extended to January of 2022. A statement from the Department of Education called the January deadline the “definitive end date” for the latest extension.

Some on the left are quite unhappy with the announcement.

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Progressives Not Happy

A report from Business Insider illustrates why the left is not happy with Joe Biden’s progress on student loan debt. One particular tale tells the story of Melissa Andretta, who owes over $160,000. 

She left the Democrat Party after 40 years because she says she feels “betrayed” by Biden’s failure to cancel student loan debt.

She explains:

“I’ve been registered as a Democrat since I was of voting age. But throughout this last year, I was an independent instead because I’m just so frustrated and disheartened. One of the main reasons why I was so in favor of Biden was because I really felt that he was going to help us with the student-loan problem.”

A quick perusal of Twitter shows Melissa is not unusual. Take this example:

User Corddaryl Woodford’s biography claims that he’s an attorney. Yet he can’t be hurting that bad financially, since shortly after the complain about student loans, Mr. Woodford was enjoying a vacation. In Hawaii.

The unhappy feelings for Biden flooded Twitter.

The anger even penetrated Hollywood!


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And If They Are Not Unhappy, They’re Offended

When Liberals are not busy being unhappy that the fantasy of a free women’s studies or art history degree is actually not free, they are offended by the notion that they are expected to pay back money that they borrowed.

A rather prominent case of this comes in the form of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten.

He shared the noticed that his loan payments would soon resume.

Chasten’s replied with some snark, saying, “LOL no thank you Merry Christmas next.” 

Republican strategist Matt Whitlock pointed out that Pete and Chasten Buttigieg are the same guys who lamented the fact they couldn’t afford the rent in Washington D.C. on Pete’s Transportation Secretary gig and Chasten’s job as a part-time drama teacher.

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Biden Supports Loan Cancellation, Sort Of

Biden says he supports wide scale debt cancellation, and has, since becoming President cancelled $12.5 billion worth of debt for approximately 640,000 borrowers. 

But that’s a drop in the bucket, since student loan outlays are, incredibly, over $1.7 trillion.

All talk and no action on the part of Joe Biden and his administration is not going over well with those who want far reaching student loan cancellation.

Persis Yu, policy director at the Student Borrower Protection Center says, “That was a pretty clear promise that he made during the campaign. And certainly, that is a promise that I think many borrowers are right now waiting for him to fulfill.”

Jalil Mustaffa, assistant professor at at Villanova University called it, “Crumbs’ worth of action.” With no last minute loan cancellation reprieve in sight from the Biden administration, February 1, 2022 is looming large for those whose time has come to pay up. 

Also looming large for lefties, the sting of buyer’s remorse. 


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