Monday , June 27 2022
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Look Fresh, Stay Fresh

Look Fresh, Stay Fresh

Men, have you ever found yourself wondering how to get clear, smooth and glowing skin? Women, have you ever tried to convince your man to adopt a skincare routine but hit a brick wall? Clear and flawless skin is just as much of a concern among men as it is for women.


If clear, healthy and glowing skin is part of your skin goals for 2022 then you MUST try the Guy Man Face Polish Powder! It is an innovative hybrid (mask/exfoliator) product handcrafted with a blend of over 20 plant powders works to remove dead skin cells, acne, black spots, blemishes and promotes circulation by repairing, replenishing and restoring the balance the skin requires to accelerate cellular turnover; leaving your skin with a fresh, healthy, smooth and glowing look.

The Face Polish Powder is also very user friendly; simply mix the powder with a few drops of water to form a paste and apply onto face. Wait a few minutes then gently exfoliate and wash off! Feel and see the difference after a few usages.



Look Fresh, Stay Fresh


The Guy Man Skincare Company is a luxury skincare brand for men that offers all-natural, handcrafted plant-based skincare products with a formulation philosophy that is built on “One Earth, One People, One Skin”; which focuses on plant-centric ingredients in handcrafting products that are earth-friendly and suitable for all races and all skin types.



Look Fresh, Stay Fresh


When you invest in the Guy Man Face Polish Powder, you are investing in a unique proprietary formula that really works!



Look Fresh, Stay Fresh


Research shows that there are significant biological differences between a man and woman’s skin, with men’s skin being 20 percent thicker, making penetration of products more difficult. The Face Polish Powder absorbs deeply through the skin barriers to hydrate the tissue, reduce breakouts, balance oily skin and tone complexion.

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