Sunday , December 5 2021
Lush Hair offers modelling opportunities to young ladies through Lush Pink Belle

Lush Hair offers modelling opportunities to young ladies through Lush Pink Belle

Lush Hair Nigeria played host to over 50 ladies who got shortlisted from the submitted entries, having checked through the criteria to move up the ladder. Out of these 50 ladies, 17 got golden tickets that automatically qualified them to move on to the next stage of final selection which will eventually produce the 6 Lush Pink Belles.

Lush Pink Belle otherwise known as “The Face of Lush” is a project designed to give opportunities to existing and aspiring models, looking to make a career in modelling. The shortlisted models will get to win cash prizes and automatically become faces of the brand for the next one year.

As a brand which believes in beauty diversity and inclusivity, every Nigerian lady, between 17- 35 years were encouraged to seize this opportunity. The first round of selections started with an online contest, where participants were encouraged to send in their video entries stating why they want to become Lush Models and why they are most eligible, to be the next Face of Lush.

Beautiful young ladies in different body sizes, skin tone, facial structures and ethnic backgrounds showed up looking radiant in black ensemble and were ready to face the task of walking up the stage along with their polaroid, to convince the judges on why they deserve to become a Lush Pink Belle.

Members of the panel included Denrele Edun, award-winning TV personality and Lush Hair ambassador; Leke Olanrewaju, beauty and special effect artist; Nmeka Praise, photographer extraordinaire; Smart Courage, fashion walk consultant and creative stylist; Idowu Oluwatosin, Lush Hair official hairstylist; and Amanda Dara, Lush Hair ambassador and TV Host.

Ms. Ritambhara Kakkar, Brand Manager, Lush Hair who was equally present at the auditions noted that the Lush Pink Belle Project deepens beyond what it appears to be on the surface.

Lush Hair believes that beauty is limitless and encourages every African lady to stay comfortable in her skin; as such, every woman is beautiful and deserves the opportunity to let her shine out irrespective of her height, skin tone, body size, ethnicity etc.

“Consideration of these actually informed the careful selection of the judges from diverse fronts, who are professionals and reputable enough to have made significant marks in the beauty/ fashion/ entertainment industry. With their vast experience, we are confident that the brand will end up with the most suitable models who will represent the brand effortlessly,” she stated.

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