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Major AJ takes Afrobeats back to the future with 'Retroverse' EP [Pulse Album Review]

Major AJ takes Afrobeats back to the future with ‘Retroverse’ EP [Pulse Album Review]

What happens when the elements of Afrobeats – the drum pattern, the melody, and the language intertwines with elements of disco, funk, and house? You get ‘Retroverse’.

In ‘Afrodisco’, Major AJ penned a romantic tale delivered over strings and percussion. His melody takes listeners on a trip to the kaleidoscopic disco parties of the 80s with delivery and writing that completes the retro Afrobeats sound.

The trip back to the future continues with ‘Mr. Lover’ in which Major samples Angelique Kidjo‘s ‘Agolo’ to create a sound that combines Afrobeats and funk. through a blend of pidgin and English and an 80s funk delivery, Major was able to sonically straddle Afrobeats and funk. If the Silk Sonik were ever going to make Afrobeats, it would sound like ‘Mr. Lover’.

‘In Taboo’ Major continues his obsession with this temptress whom in ‘Afrodisco’ was figured to might have used voodoo on him. ‘Taboo’ is Major’s commitment to risk it all and eat the forbidden fruit.

In ‘Ominirascal’, Major cashed in his Afrobeats token and delivered a sensational verse in which he lets out a bit of braggadocio. The single was lifted by the Afrobeat-styled chorus and made for a harmonious marriage of the past and the present.

‘Ominirascal’ and ‘Taboo’ achieve high status with his blend of Yoruba and English, and a sensational chorus crafted to deliver a disco song over Afrobeats cadence.

After exploring a bold soundscape that took listeners on a trip back to the future, Major AJ had every right to talk up his ability. In ‘Superstar’, Major AJ, tells a story of the rough road to success through a solemn melodic display that further displays his special ability to blend cultural elements with Afrobeats.

‘Retroverse’ EP successfully shows that specially talented artists such as Major AJ can successfully borrow from different sounds to display the endless sonic possibilities abound in Afrobeats.

The album offers topical coherence as it tells a story of reckless love, lust, passion, and struggle. Sonically, Major AJ blends bring together different retro sounds and blended them with his style to create a unique sound that offers enjoyability rather than complexities.

The production, sound engineering, and execution successfully blend different sounds to offer an Afrobeats sound that still successfully retains the vital retro elements that give the project its identity.

‘Retroverse’ is a mind-blowing Afrobeats trip back to the future, and for this trip, you don’t need a return ticket.

Songwriting, Themes, and Delivery: 1.7/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.8/2

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