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Maneek talks about new single – Idi-Ara, clears the air on the song’s themes & release date

Maneek talks about new single – Idi-Ara, clears the air on the song’s themes & release date

Maneek (Mathew Efetobore Akume), is undoubtedly one of the most-talked about Nigeria’s upcoming Afro-fusion artiste. He is a young talent who hails from Port Harcourt, a suburban area in Rivers State, in the Southern part of the country.

In quite a number of in-studio and closed-door interviews, Maneek shared the reasons for choosing a career path in music, stating clearly that he did so in a bid to find his voice in the world stage. In summary, the rising star is a songwriter, singer, performer and business guru.

Enough about Maneek. That was the tip of the iceberg. Cheers to finding out more about him in due course. So, can we talk about the song already?

Idi-Ara is an Afro-fusion love song off Maneek’s forthcoming EP. The song, adroitly written by Mathew Efetobore Akume (Maneek), and produced by Adeitan Ayomide David (Skima), centers on the themes of desire, romance and everything in between. It is a reflection of quality sound, apt delivery and good vibes.

To Maneek, the song, upon release, will be a hallmark for Afro-fusion and will surely be capable of stirring excitement among listeners home and abroad. This is so because the song is danceable and really enjoyable. Below is the track information and a better analysis of the different themes in the song:

Written by – Mathew Efetobore Akume (Maneek), and Adeitan Ayomide David (Skima)

Proposed release date – July 22nd 2022.

Mixed & Mastered by – TRBL

Like poetry, good music soothes the soul. More significantly, the theme of desire in a piece of good music goes on to make it nothing short of intriguing. In Idi-Ara, Maneek creatively used his storytelling ability to portray this theme. It is to this effect that he flatters his African Lady to show her how well he loved her at first sight.

In all finesse, the song also portrayed the theme of romance. The sweet talks, commendations and heartwarming comparisons did the trick. Maneek’s intention is to ‘fight for your love like chin chin, chon chon’ (Chinese), he shows all his commitment to his loved one. With this, it’s clear that the dance crooner came out bold to express his deepest feeling.

Undeniably, from the highlights above, you can tell that the song will surely be underlined by this factor – the power of love. The artist Maneek, with creative efforts, expressed clearly the power of love and the extent to which people love. In the first verse, Maneek said: “me I go spend all my money, cos’ I want to chop life”, showing his intention to spend his last penny on her, You can’t deny that you don’t want to listen already? No, you can’t.

There is more to this masterpiece than words can describe. It also featured other themes that cannot be all mentioned here. Set your reminders. Expect the music art soon. Get your dancing shoes ready as Maneek has cooked this just for you.

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