Saturday , August 13 2022
Cubana Club Shooting: Married Woman Who was Accosted By Burna Boy Speaks

Married Woman Assaulted By Burna Boy Releases Video Evidence

The woman whose partner was shot following altercation with Nigerian Grammy award-winning singer, Burna Boy, has released evidence of what transpired in the club.

While debunking the allegations that she approached Burna Boy at the club, the lady in a post shared on her Instagram story said nobody from her section at the club approached the singer.

She also counted the speculations that she’s calling out Burna Boy because of money.

The married lady added that money is not their problem and if Burna Boy didn’t do anything wrong why are people close to him contacting her family to offer them huge money.

She wrote: “Look at where Burna Boy was at the start of the video. The VIP section in the middle of the club with two sections. We were literally opposite each other”

“Literally! No one from our section approach him. This is me clearly in my section with my partner who took this video between”

“We were literally popping bottles, spending money and minding our business. So all the stories being told by goldmine tv are fabricated”

“This is my best friend and m and her husband. Everyone keeps making this about money. Money is not our problem, If you did nothing wrong @burnaboy why were your people contacting us to offer us hush money? Why did your parents visit our parents yesterday?”

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