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MARVEL: What is Katy’s role in the MCU?

MARVEL: What is Katy’s role in the MCU?

Unlike her best friend Shang Chi, Katy has no high-tech nor mystical weapon to wield. Still, her impeccable driving skills, a natural disposition to archery and sheer bravery in the face of danger and chaos make her just as much of a hero.

Katy spent most of her years as a regular Asian-American finding her place in a westernized world while stopping bullies with a song, ‘Hotel in California’. Her friendship with Shang chi, whom she affectionately refers to as ‘Shaun’, was knitted after saving him from a bully in their high school days. So we can assume that Katy has always had a knack for standing up for people in her unique way. But, while this might be evident for her mother and grandma, Katy Chen struggles with that fact. She resists the urge to grow up and actualize an identity in a career or relationship until she voluntarily joins Shang Chi’s journey to become the next ten rings bearer.

All through the plot, we see Katy mature from the happy-go-lucky valet parker to the skilled archer in the battle of Ta Lo. The ending scene certainly alludes to a calling for Katy Chen in the MCU, as we witness Wong and Bruce Banner inform the duo of the journey that lies ahead. In the post-credits, Katy, alongside her BFF, captain marvel, and the Hulk all being addressed as equals. If anything, it confirms that Katy has a spot in the squad after all, and the next Shangi-Chi movie will explore it.

Unlike other side character introductions, like Rick Mason(O-T Fagbenle) from Black Widow, Katy Chen does not have a comic counterpart to mirror her arc, but that does not deny the limitless possibility producers Kevin Feige and Jonathan Schwartz could accomplish with her character. One theory suggests that Katy Chen will be recruited among the young avengers’ by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. Another theory speculates a budding romance between Katy and the ten rings bearer. If we are to recall Katy’s priceless reaction seeing Shang take his shirt off or how her grandma teases Shang at breakfast, asking in Chinese, “when will you two get married”. Perhaps Katy just exists to represent a rare platonic friendship between a female and male in a tense action plot.

In an interview with digital spy, the Crazy Rich Asians star revealed that “I think their friendship is really important for each of them individually.”

Even without a solid comic source to tie Katy Chen to, her archery skills, erratic driving, and sheer bravery in the face of chaos and danger make her an integral part of the Avengers team and the entire MCU.

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