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Gaetz fights with Sec. of Defense Austin

Matt Gaetz Begs FEMA for Money Two Days After Voting Against Ian Aid

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It is a maxim to remember. The GOP will vote against the needs of their constituents if it means that it will also help Joe Biden look effective. Matt Gaetz and other Florida politicians (All Republicans) voted against a bill that included FEMA aid, one that was part of a continuing resolution to keep the government open and provide relief to Ukraine.

From The Hill:

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) says he wants Congress to approve additional funds to help his state recover from Hurricane Ian after voting against a government funding measure last week that freed up $18.8 billion in federal disaster aid. Gaetz joined 15 other Florida lawmakers in voting against the continuing resolution, which allows the government to remain funded at the current spending levels through mid-December and includes a new round of funding for Ukraine, as well as for disaster aid.

And Gaetz tweeted:

At least this particular bill sent $12 billion to Ukraine and freed up $18.8 in FEMA aid for Florida.

Yes, the pro-Russian bent to that statement is real, as you noticed. It is odd. When the Russians initially and outrageously invaded Ukraine, the MAGAs spoke out in outrage against it. Even Trump said at the time that Putin had a brilliant plan to negotiate but should never have gone in. Now, MAGAs are saying that the U.S. government blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, while most experts believe it was a Russian military operation to freeze Europe through the winter.  Regardless, not only the MAGAs pro-Russian in their positions, but they also don’t want Biden to get any sort of “win” by supporting Ukraine to victory.

Back to national politics. It would seem to be – again – like the Florida Republicans’ vote is more about denying Biden a “win” by avoiding a government shutdown, as well as seen as effective in the Florida operations to get communities back on their feet.

Now, Gaetz and other Republicans get to act as though the money has been denied to Florida. As said above, they will let their constituents suffer if it gives them an opportunity to make Biden the bad guy, seemingly to blame.


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