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Meet Vince, the fast rising Nigerian artiste with a difference

Meet Vince, the fast rising Nigerian artiste with a difference

We caught up with Vince ahead of the release of his upcoming project so he could shed some light into his journey in the music business so far and plans for the future.

Tell us about yourself, who is Vince?

Firstly, I am Obomoye Muzan and I go by the stage moniker Vince who is my alter ego. Vince is a virtuoso of the first order and is skilled in lyrical depth, harmony and rhythm to say the least.

What was your childhood like and were you interested in music as a child?

Growing up I was the youngest child so I got to watch and learn from those that came before me and in my father’s house you probably would always hear some music booming, there was a lot of hip hop music from Obie Trice’s Cheers album to The Marshall Mathers LP you name it! From as far back as I can remember the early 2000s, my dad loved basically all kinds of music he played Dolly Parton and Fela the most for me, my brothers had a lot of influence on my music too because I was around them almost all the time so it was no surprise that at age 6 I could rap In Da Club word for word!

Who were some of your early musical influences?

I was exposed to a whole lot of music growing up so with time my choices started to get streamlined and Lil Wayne was definitely going to be on my list of influences from time! I loved Eminem too because I was awed by his ability to deliver Eminem style if you know what I mean. Burna Boy is all the way up there as well, I remember heated arguments in the hostel back in secondary school in about 2011 when I first heard a mixtape called Burn Identity and I would not take any Burna Boy slander then and even now!

How long have you been making music?

Well, I started off writing songs and keeping records of them in 2010/2011 right after junior waec I thought it made more sense than just drumming on desks and freestyling with my classmates back in Junior secondary school and most times we were doing it to make fun of someone or something and we usually ended up getting punished for the “nuisance”.

What inspires your sound?

There are a ton of things that influence my sound; from being Nigerian and growing up in Lagos, to growing up the way I did. All of the information I have soaked up with time and processed into what you now listen to at your leisure.

Walk us through your creative process

I like to create music off of energy and most of the time it’s coming from within and I also enjoy it when there’s someone or people on the same wavelength as I am around, I think that makes the whole process special in its own way and I get to explore new possibilities due to these external influences involved as well.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming project

The next project that I’ll be dropping is a collab with the talented GroovyNuvo and it’s going to be out come summer, an extended playlist of about 4 songs that were recorded in Lagos last December.

Who would you love to make music with?

Gunna and Burna Boy; I’m happy to see both these stars shining bright at a time like this because they both have been huge inspirations to me for some time now.

What’s an average day for you?

Since I graduated from university this year it’s been giving; same old, just a different day kind of vibes. I mean I wake up in the morning, say my prayers, do my thing in and out of the house, studio time at home or at the studio otherwise I am working on getting more Google certificates; I want to be a nerd so bad haha.

What is a major challenge you face as an independent artiste?

I think for Vince that would have been accessibility to the public ears and eyes and I understand that I just have to give it time and commitment.

If you could change anything about the Nigerian music industry what would it be? I don’t see why I would want to change a thing from where I stand now, I always feel like everything is set up to my advantage in whatever situation I find myself in and I try not to pay mind to another man’s perspective because we are not the same.

What would you like listener’s to feel when they listen to your music? I want them to feel the passion; I put my heart and soul into my art and I love it when someone can connect to that.

What can fans expect from Vince in the near future?

Vince steady putting their minds to music that’s where propane be yessirski.

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