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More Than 1,400 SEC Student-Athletes Earn Degrees

More Than 1,400 SEC Student-Athletes Earn Degrees

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SEC Staff

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (July 11, 2022) —– More than 1,400 current and former student-athletes at Southeastern Conference universities earned degrees during the 2021-22 academic year.

A total of 1,131 SEC student-athletes graduated from their respective universities during the month of May, following 339 graduates in the fall. Each of the SEC’s 21 sponsored sports is represented among the graduates, and student-athletes of several non-sponsored SEC sports also earned their degrees.

Any of these graduates who did not exhaust their eligibility will wear the SEC Graduation Patch in competition next year. The 2021-22 academic year marked the sixth year of the SEC Graduate Patch initiative, where the SEC logo patch on graduates’ uniforms is replaced with a special patch with the word “Graduate” underneath the conference logo. The SEC Graduation Patch was worn by more than 675 student-athletes during the 2021-22 academic year.

Following is a complete list of student-athletes at SEC institutions who graduated in May 2022:


Haley Alexander (Rowing); Cathryn Antonacio (Rowing); Kalia Antoniou (W. Swimming & Diving); Hannah Barber (W. Basketball); Tyler Barnes (M. Basketball); Chago Basso (M. Track & Field); Melvin Billinglsey (Football); Rebecca Billman (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Halia Bower (W. Swimming & Diving); Alli Boyd (W. Swimming & Diving); Lauren Brackin (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Hunter Brannon (Football); Cole Brown (M. Swimming & Diving); Carolina Caminoli (W. Golf); McKenna Carroll (Rowing); Mercy Chelangat (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Landon Collins (Football); Alba Cortina Pou (W. Tennis); McKinley Crone (Soccer); Alexa Cruz (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Caroline Curtis (W. Golf); Saskia Dammersmith (Rowing); Brittany Davis (W. Basketball); Natalie Donkle (W. Swimming & Diving); Lea Duben (W. Track & Field); Nickolette Dunbar (W. Track & Field); Justin Eboigbe (Football); Keon Ellis (M. Basketball); Emily Gaskins (Gymnastics); Esther Gitahi (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Taylor Gorum (W. Track & Field); Lexi Graber (Gymnastics); Landon Green (Baseball); Noah Gurley (M. Basketball); Griffin James (Gymnastics); Hunter Jaynes (M. Swimming & Diving); Britton Johnson (M. Basketball); Patrick Kaukovalta (M. Tennis); Gil Kiesler (M. Swimming & Diving); Amari Kight (Football); Katie Kurtz (Rowing); Daija Lampkin (W. Track & Field); Cameron Latu (Football); Kevin Li (M. Swimming & Diving); Morgan Liberto (W. Swimming & Diving); Tianah List (W. Track & Field); Derek Maas (M. Swimming & Diving); Polly Mack (W. Golf); Jorja MacRae (Rowing); Leahrose Mami (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Abby Marjama (Volleyball); Juan Martin (M. Tennis); Riley Mattingly (Soccer); Morgan McCullough (Baseball); Kensey McMahon (W. Swimming & Diving); Jacob McNairy (Baseball); Sania Mitchell (Gymnastics); Lauren Montgomery (Rowing); Cherisse Murray (W. Track & Field); Savannah Noethlich (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Isaac Odugbesan (M. Track & Field); Megan Patton (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Nicholas Perera (M. Swimming & Diving); Ty Perine (Football); Nico Perner (M. Swimming & Diving); Taylor Pickett (W. Track & Field); Ola Pitak (W. Tennis); Kasia Pitak (W. Tennis); Ashley Prange (Softball); Nikolett Provenza (Rowing); Jahvon Quinerly (M. Basketball); Kendall Randolph (Football); Tyler Ras (Baseball); Will Reichard (Football); Jackson Roby (Football); Hunter Ruth (Baseball); Haleigh Sanders (Rowing); Bella Scaturro (Soccer); Morgan Scott (W. Swimming & Diving); Gabe Serrano (M. Track & Field); Tyler Sesvold (M. Swimming & Diving); John Shelstad (M. Swimming & Diving); Stephanie Slaven (Rowing); Sarah Swanson (Volleyball); Kaylee Tow (Softball); Kelsey Weber (Rowing); Rhyan White (W. Swimming & Diving); Riley White (W. Track & Field); Drew Williamson (Baseball); Cat Wright (W. Swimming & Diving); Haley Wright (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Samantha Zelden (W. Track & Field).


Kaitlyn Banas (Women’s Track & Field); Emily Barclay (Swimming & Diving); Nathan Bax (Football); Jada Baylark (Women’s Track & Field); Etamar Bhastekar (Men’s Track & Field); Issac Bracken (Baseball); Ryan Brown (Men’s Track & Field); Nastassja Campbell (Women’s Track & Field); Josie Carson (Women’s Track & Field); Larissa Cesena (Softball); Emmanual Cheboson (Men’s Track & Field); Jon Conley (Football); Jaquayln Crawford (Football); Elizabeth Crumpton (Volleyball); Makayla Daniels (Women’s Basketball); Tayde (Andrea) Sansores de la Funete (Swimming & Diving); Levi Draper (Football); G’Auna Edwards (Women’s Track & Field); Amanda Elswick (Gymnastics); Lauren Evans (Volleyball); Noah Gatlin (Football); Luke George (Men’s Track & Field); Wilson Gibson (Men’s Golf); Danielle Gibson (Softball); Ximena Gonzalez (Women’s Golf); Trent Gordon (Football); Zackary Gregory (Baseball); Lauren Gregory (Women’s Track & Field); Mary Haff (Softball); Kennedy Hambrick (Gymnastics); Hunter Harrison (Men’s Tennis); Hayden Henry (Football); Vanessa Herrmann (Swimming & Diving); Bryana Hunter (Soccer); Gracie Hyde (Women’s Track & Field); Abigail Johnston (Gymnastics); John S. Jones (Football); Andrew Kibet (Men’s Track & Field); Audrie LaValley (Softball); Shafiqua Maloney (Women’s Track & Field); Josie Matalone (Swimming & Diving); Abbigail McGee (Volleyball); Luke Meade (Men’s Track & Field); James Milholen (Men’s Track & Field); Molly Moore (Swimming & Diving); Logan Morris (Women’s Track & Field); Ryan Murphy (Men’s Track & Field); Isaiah Nichols (Football); Janaud Notae (Men’s Basketball); Margaret O’Hara (Gymnastics); Quinn Owen (Women’s Track & Field); Andrew Parker (Football); Nathan Parodi (Football); Madelyne Pearl (Swimming & Diving); Savannah Pennese (Gymnastics); Paris Peoples (Women’s Track & Field); Carter Persyn (Men’s Track & Field); Matthew Phillips (Football); Miller Pleimann (Baseball); Tatum Rice (Women’s Tennis); Tyler Runnels (Soccer); Grace Ryan (Volleyball); Rhayko Schwartz (Men’s Track & Field); Jordan Silver (Football); Trelon Smith (Football); Daniel Spejcher (Men’s Track & Field); Evan Taylor (Baseball); Kieran Taylor (Men’s Track & Field); Samantha Torres (Softball); Roman Turner (Men’s Track & Field); Meghan Underwood (Women’s Track & Field); Kaelee Van Gundy (Soccer); Andrew Vest (Football); Hannah Warner (Soccer); McKenzie Wilks (Women’s Track & Field); Tiana Wilson (Women’s Track & Field); Ryan Winkel (Football); Payton Woodward (Soccer); Zach Zimos (Football).


Ellie Becker (Equestrian); Nick Brahms (Football); Anders Carlson (Football); Caden Ciul (M. Track & Field); James Courson (M. Track & Field); Luke Deal (Football); Garrett Farquhar (Baseball); Brooks Fuller (Baseball); Jada Glenn (Gymnastics); Aspyn Godwin (Softball); Terri-June Granger (Equestrian); Lindsey Granier (W. Track & Field); Christopher Grant (M. Track & Field); Val Green (Volleyball); Josh Hall (Baseball); Peyton Hall (Equestrian); Alec Jackson (Football); Meghan Knapic (Equestrian); Emma Kurtz (Equestrian); Hanna Lemel (Equestrian); Russ Logan (Football); Chase Maasdorp (Men’s Basketball); Tad Maclean (M. Tennis); Keira McCarrell (W. Track & Field); Julie McCarthy (Women’s Golf); Jackson McFadden (Football); Louisa McPherson (W. Track & Field); Morgan Millikan (W. Track & Field); Brody Moore (Baseball); Will Morrison (Baseball); Hanna Newby (W. Swimming & Diving); Caylin Newton (Football); Molly Pember (Volleyball); Conner Pruitt (M. Swimming & Diving); Jacob Quattlebaum (Football); Jason Reese (M. Track & Field); Bella Rosenthall (Volleyball); Malcolm Russell (Football); Taylor Russo (W. Tennis); Stone Shelnutt (M. Track & Field); Tatum Shipes (Volleyball); Carson Skipper (Baseball); Maddie Spak (Equestrian); Kamerson Stutts (Football); Anna Sumner (Gymnastics); Devan Sweeney (W. Swimming & Diving); Christian Sztolcman (M. Swimming & Diving); Valerie Tarazi (W. Swimming & Diving); Hannah Tarwater (W. Track & Field); Jackson Thomas (M. Track & Field); Christian Tutt (Football); Garrett Wade (Baseball); Brooks Walton (Football); Regan Weakley (W. Swimming & Diving); Jessica West (Equestrian); Xaria Wiggins (Women’s Basketball); Elif Yavuz (Volleyball).


Hannah Adams (Softball); Madison Alexander (Soccer); Andy Andrade (M. Tennis); Tyree Appleby (M. Basketball); Clark Beach (M. Swimming); Ethan Beach (M. Swimming); Bettina Boszormenyi (W. Swimming); Emerson Cabrera (Lacrosse); Kendrick Calilao (Baseball); Payton Capes-Davis (W. Track & Field); Jade Caraway (Softball); Matt Clark (M. Track & Field); Coleman Crozier (Football); Nick Deal (M. Track & Field); Adrianna Deboer (W. Swimming); Georgia Eaton-Collins (Soccer); Maddie Ellis (Lacrosse); Kunle Fasasi (M. Track & Field); Manny Girona (M. Golf); Josh Goodger (M. Tennis); Richard Gouraige (Football); Nick Hackett (M. Swimming); Chanelle Hargreaves (Volleyball); Charlotte Harmon (Lacrosse); Erik Harper (M. Swimming); Abbie Harrelson (W. Track & Field); Gabby Hillis (W. Swimming); Andrew Ivie (Football); Kevin Johnson (Football); Keyontae Johnson (M. Basketball); Sydney Johnson-Scharpf (Gymnastics); Emory Jones (Football); Kendyl Lindaman (Softball); Nick Lydon (M. Diving); Clara Manzalini (W. Golf); Ashley McCool (W. Diving); Griffin McDowell (Football); Nikki Miller (W. Swimming); Katie Minnich (W. Swimming); Kristina Moore (W. Basketball); Catherine Moriarty (Lacrosse); Pamela O’Brien (W. Track & Field); Marco Ortiz (Football); Jordan Pouncey (Football); David Reese (Football); Sarah Reznick (Lacrosse); Sam Riffice (M. Tennis); Chantz Sawyers (M. Track & Field); Edward Shelikoff (M. Track & Field); Justin Shorter (Football); Megan Skaggs (Gymnastics); Lauren Snider (W. Diving); Marty Stange (M. Swimming); Michelle Stegall (W. Track & Field); Christophe Stutts (M. Golf); Halley Taylor (Gymnastics); Will Thomas (Football); Trinity Thomas (Gymnastics); Trey Thompson (Football); Samantha Tobar (Soccer); Lindsay Tomaini (W. Track & Field); Maeson Tydings (Lacrosse); Jacob Watkins (Football); Emma Wightman (Lacrosse); Gabrielle Wilkinson (W. Track & Field); Marlee Zein (W. Tennis); Ellie Zweifel (W. Swimming).


Andrew Abruzzo (M. Swimming & Diving); Alexa Al-Hameed (Gymnastics); Zachary Allen (M. Swimming & Diving); Aaron Apel (M. Swimming & Diving); Rachel Bauman (Gymnastics); Mollie Belisle (Soccer); Garrett Blaylock (Baseball); Abby Boyan (Soccer); Garrett Brown (Baseball); Matthew Brown (Football); Portia Brown (W. Swimming & Diving); Quinton Burden (M. Track & Field); Taylor Burgess (Equestrian); Maya Caldwell (W. Basketball); Grace Clements (W. Track & Field); Hudson Coldren (M. Swimming & Diving); Owen Condon (Football); Gabrielle Connally (W. Basketball); Mikayla Coombs (W. Basketball): Morgan Coppoc (W. Tennis); Alison Crenshaw (W. Golf); Blake Croyder (M. Tennis); Ellie Crump (W. Swimming & Diving); Addy Cullum (Equestrian); Alexandra Cutting (Softball); Ambria D’Alonzo (W. Swimming & Diving); JT Daniels (Football); Samantha Davis (Gymnastics); Davis Day (Football); DanielleDella Torre (W. Swimming & Diving); CallieDickinson (W. Swimming & Diving); Kaitlin Dierks (Equestrian); Delano Dunkley (M. Track & Field); Jeffrey Durmer (M. Swimming & Diving); Warren Ericson (Football); Johannes Erm (M. Track & Field); Jaxon Etter (M. Basketball); Gabrielle Fa’Amausili (W. Swimming & Diving); Kyle Garland (M. Track & Field); Kendall Gill (Equestrian); Jackson Gowen (Baseball); Lindsay Guynn (Equestrian); Michael Hagerty (Football); Michael Hans (M. Track & Field); Chase Harof (Football); Caleb Harrington (M. Swimming & Diving); Benjamin Harris (Baseball); Alee Harris (W. Tennis); Mallory Hernandez (Volleyball); P.J. Horne (M. Basketball); Kaylah House (Volleyball); Kelliann Howell (W. Swimming & Diving); Jocelyn Hugo (Soccer); Destiny Jackson (W. Track & Field); Kathryn Jernick (Equestrian); Randon Jernigan (Baseball); Nicole John (W. Track & Field); Garrett Jones (Football); Will Kahlstorf (M. Golf); Addison Kelly (W. Swimming & Diving); Weldon Kolker (Soccer); Miller Lantis (Equestrian); Sara Lewis (Equestrian); Birdie Lombardo (Soccer); Courtney Long (W. Track & Field); Rachael Lukacs (Gymnastics); Dakota Luther (W. Swimming & Diving); Mikayla Magee (Gymnastics); Hayley Mairano (Equestrian); Anna Marian Block (W. Track & Field); Titiana Marsh (W. Track & Field); Shane Marshall (Baseball); Lauren Mathis (Softball); Tucker Maxwell (Baseball); Joshua McAllister (Baseball); Halle McClintock (W. Track & Field); Jessica Morgan (Softball); Killian Mullen (Equestrian); Dani Murguia (Soccer); Camden Murphy (M. Swimming & Diving); Sage Naves (Volleyball); Jaden Olson (Equestrian); Clay Pender (M. Track & Field); Alyssa Perez-Lugones (Gymnastics); Marisa Petit (W. Track & Field); Bella Ponzi (Soccer); Wesley Potter (Football); Mackenzie Puckett (Softball); Emily Pulver (Soccer); Katie Ray (Equestrian); Annalise Reed (Equestrian); Greg Reed (M. Swimming & Diving); Kayla Rivera (Volleyball); Megan Roberts (Gymnastics); Claire Rothenberger (Volleyball); Youssef Said (M. Swimming & Diving); Kadie Sanford (Equestrian); Emily Schild (Gymnastics); Alexa Schwartz (Equestrian); Meg Seidel (Equestrian); Savana Sikes (Softball); Morgan Smith (Soccer); Jenna Staiti (W. Basketball); John Staton (Football); Harnish Stewart (M. Tennis); Cecily Stoute (Soccer); Natalie Stoyko (Equestrian); Jacquelyn Switzer (Softball); Jonathan Tharaldsen (M. Track & Field); Adelaide Toensing (Equestrian); Robert Tyler (Baseball); Shelby Tyler (W. Track & Field); Payne Walker (Football); Zoe Walker (W. Golf); Abbey Ward (Gymnastics); Blake Watson (Football); Harrison Wayner (M. Swimming & Diving); Macie Witter (Soccer); Jayda Woods (W. Track & Field); Kianna Young (Volleyball).


Abule Abadi-Fitzgerald (Football); Renee Abernathy (Softball); Tyrell Ajian (Football); Myles Anders (M. Track & Field/Cross Country); Luke Andrews (M. Soccer); Oraj Anu (Baseball); Jaci Babbs (Softball); Emily Baeth (W. Swimming & Diving); Nathan Bann (M. Track & Field/Cross Country); Kyle Barker (M. Swimming & Diving); Brenden Bates (Football); Ryan Bender (W. Golf); Robyn Benton (W. Basketball); Daniel Blake (M. Swimming & Diving); Perri Bockrath (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Rachel Boice (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Emma Boitnott (Softball); Marissa Bosco (W. Soccer); Tyler Bosma (Baseball); Jacob Brizendine (M. Track & Field/Cross Country); Caitlin Brooks (W. Swimming & Diving); Tai Brown (M. Track & Field/Cross Country); Brennan Canada (M. Basketball); Sophie Carrier (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Amaya Chadwick (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Richard Clark (Rifle); Jacob Cook (M. Golf); Cameron Council (M. Track & Field/Cross Country); Eli Cox (Football); Alex Degen (Baseball); Darren Edmond (Football); Braxton Eiserman (Football); Kalil ElMedkhar (M. Soccer); Daniel Evans (M. Soccer); Sarah Fite (W. Golf); Adam Fogel (Baseball); Luke Fortner (Football); Riley Gaines (W. Swimming & Diving); Izzy Gati (W. Swimming & Diving); Jenna Gearing (W. Track & Field/Cross Country) Carla Girbau (W. Tennis); Kellan Grady (M. Basketball); Blair Green (W. Basketball); Cole Guindon (M. Soccer); Anna Haigis (Gymnastics); Mason Hamilton (Rifle); Sean Harney (Baseball); Daniel Harris IV (Baseball); Parker Herren (W. Swimming & Diving); Alexis Holmes (W. Track & Field/Cross Country) Clay Holstad (M. Soccer); Rhyne Howard (W. Basketball); Millen Hurrion (M. Tennis); Joe Jardine (M. Track & Field/Cross Country); Lauren Johnson (Softball); Hunter Jump (Baseball); Jay Kirchdorfer (M. Golf); Kyndal Knight (W. Swimming & Diving); Kayla Kowalik (Softball); Kaitlyn Lacy (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Zack Lee (Baseball); Molly Leppelmeier (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Kirk Liebert (Baseball); Brock Lindow (M. Soccer); Bailey Locke (W. Soccer); Sophie Manchin (W. Soccer); Jordan Marion (STUNT); Jazmine Massengill (W. Basketball); Sarah Michels (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Gretchen Mills (W. Soccer); Rahman Minor (M. Track & Field/Cross Country); Davion Mintz (M. Basketball); Mary Moffitt (W. Soccer); Will Nalty (Football); Zach Norris (M. Golf); Casey Ott (W. Golf); Olivia Owens (W. Basketball); Arianna Patterson (Gymnastics); Zan Payne (M. Basketball); Matt Peare (M. Track & Field/Cross Country); Jacob Plastiak (Baseball); Lauren Poole (W. Swimming & Diving); Jordan Redding (STUNT); Peyton Rimko (W. Soccer); Chris Rodriguez (Football); Kelly Rodriguez (W. Swimming & Diving); Alonzo Rubalcaba (Baseball); Matt Ruffolo (Football); Masai Russell (W. Track & Field/Cross Country);Patrick Schaefer (M. Track & Field/Cross Country); Cameron Scheitzach (Volleyball); Will Shaner (Rifle); Sarah Siekkinen (W. Soccer); Jacob Smith (M. Track & Field/Cross Country); Josh Sobota (M. Track & Field/Cross Country); Sophie Sorenson (W. Swimming & Diving); Abby Steiner (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Alli Stumler (Volleyball); Gabe Szalay (M. Track & Field/Cross Country) Siobhan Szerencsits (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Caroline Szydlowski (W. Swimming & Diving); Lauren Tharp (Volleyball); John Thrasher (Baseball); Ryan Troutman (M. Soccer); Keaton Upshaw (Football); Mason Visconti (M. Soccer); Kelli Walsh (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Trevor Warren (M. Track & Field/Cross Country); Ben Wendell (M. Soccer); Mason Wilby (M. Swimming & Diving); Darren Williams (Baseball); Kenroy Williams (M. Track & Field/Cross Country); Quintin Wilson (Football); Lincoln Young (M. Track & Field/Cross Country).


Gabrielle Angelle (Soccer); Jessica Bailey (W. Golf); Garrett Barber (M. Golf); Cade Beloso (Baseball); Tom Bleichner (M. Track & Field); Serena Bolden (W. Track and Field); Caitlin Broadwell (Beach Volleyball); Caitlin Calland (Softball); Reagan Campbell (Gymnastics); Holly Carlton (Beach Volleyball); Juan Celaya-Hernandez (M. Swimming & Diving); Georgia Clark (Softball); Allison Coens (Beach Volleyball); Rebecca D’Antonio (Gymnastics); Silas Dejean (M. Swimming & Diving); Christina Desiderio (Gymnastics); Riley Dixon (Soccer); Amanda Doyle (Softball); Gavin Dugas (Baseball); Sarah Edwards (Gymnastics); Hunter Faust (Football); Evan Francioni (Football); Eli Gaughan (M. Track & Field); Kelli Greene-Agnew (Beach Volleyball); Lisa Gunnarsson (W. Track and Field); Grace Haggerty (Soccer); Garrett Hamilton (M. Track & Field); Meghan Johnson (Soccer); Jontre Kirklin (Football); Athena Kuhn (Soccer); Sydney Lau (Soccer); Melia Lindner (Beach Volleyball); Anna Loughlan (W. Tennis); Cade Martin (M. Track & Field); Alexandria McDaid (W. Swimming and Diving); Molly McHale (W. Track and Field); Savannah Mills (Soccer); Jake Norris (M. Track & Field); Julia Palin (W. Track and Field); Michael Petro (M. Swimming & Diving); Luca Pfyffer (M. Swimming & Diving); Ashlyn Rasnick-Pope (Beach Volleyball); Thomas Roark (M. Swimming & Diving); Michael Sanders (M. Golf); Rivani Shiotang (W. Golf); Katherine Smith (W. Swimming and Diving); Shelbi Sunseri (Softball); Mollee Swift (Soccer); Olivia Taylor (W. Swimming and Diving); Brittany Thompson (W. Swimming and Diving); Taylor Tidwell (Softball); Alexis Toney (Beach Volleyball); Awa Trasi (W. Basketball); Anne Tuxen (W. Swimming and Diving); Miguel Valasquez (M. Swimming & Diving); Trent Vietmeier (Baseball); Alden Wallace (W. Golf); Emmaline Walters (Volleyball); Nicholas Watson (M. Tennis); Toby Weathersby (Football); Hayden White (M. Golf); Christopher Woollam (M. Golf).

Ole Miss

Robert Allen (M. Basketball); Shakira Austin (W. Basketball); Zikerrion Baker (Football); Justin Bench (Baseball); Joseph Benedetto (M. Track & Field); Cade Bethmann (M. Cross Country); Teddy Britt (W. Track & Field); Kenney Broadnax (M. Track & Field); Nysier Brooks (M. Basketball); Evan Brown (M. Golf); Lamar Brumfield (Football); Abby Buesseler (Rifle); Deborah Bulai (W. Track & Field); Sam Burgio (Volleyball); Wes Burton (Baseball); Ashanti Cistrunk (Football); Michael Coccia (M. Cross Country); Chris Coghlan (Baseball); Carter Colquitt (Football); Dontario Drummond (Football); Elijah Dryer (M. Track & Field); Jayda Eckford (W. Track & Field); Anna Elkin (W. Cross Country); Tim Elko (Baseball); Tye Fagan (M. Basketball); Demond Fleming (M. Track & Field); Baylor Franklin (M. Cross Country); Mario Garcia Romo (M. Cross Country); Kevin Graham (Baseball); Jan-Sören Hain (M. Tennis); Hamilton Hall (Football); Lakia Henry (Football); Jonathan Hess (Football); KD Hill (Football); Lauren Hoselton (W. Track & Field); Ellen Hume (W. Golf); Ellen Hutchinson-Kay (W. Golf); Brandon Johnson (Baseball); Amani Johnson (Football); Donnetta Johnson (W. Basketball); Julia Johnson (W. Golf); Simon Junk (M. Tennis); Iyanla Kitchens (W. Basketball); Henri Lartigue (Baseball); Deane Leonard (Football); Sabina Machalova (W. Tennis); Bria Mack (W. Track & Field); John McBride (M. Basketball); Ronald McClendon (Football); Kylee McLaughlin (Volleyball); Nick Moulai (M. Cross Country); Sam Murphey (Football); Jamal Pittman (Football); Andeija Puckett (W. Basketball); Mimi Reid (W. Basketball); Finn Reynolds (M. Tennis); John Rivera (M. Track & Field); Mark Robinson (Football); Morgan Claire Rose (W. Cross Country); Kelly Rowe (W. Track & Field); Braylon Sanders (Football); Toward Sanford (Football); Logan Savell (Baseball); Everett Smulders (M. Track & Field); Haleigh Stackpole (Soccer); Jackson Suber (M. Golf); Megan Taylor (Rifle); Lauren Thompson (Volleyball); Cate Tracht (W. Cross Country); Ben Van Cleve (Baseball); Lydia Van Dijk (W. Cross Country); Erin Walsh (Rifle); Channing Ward (Football); Cecil Wegener (M. Golf); James Witmer (M. Cross Country); Garrett Wood (Baseball); Isaiah Woullard (Football); James Young (M. Cross Country); Jillian Zakrzeski (Rifle).

Mississippi State

Magda Adaloglou (W. Tennis); Emma Allen (Volleyball); Navasky Anderson (M. Track & Field); Izuchukwu Ani (Football); Emma Antonaki (W. Tennis); Carson Banks (Football); Tamara Racine Beauchamp (W. Tennis); Bo Brooks (Football); Florian Broska (M. Tennis); Keshun Byrd (M. Track & Field); Jared Chittom (Baseball); Leon Clarke (M. Track & Field); Ford Clegg (M. Golf); Jaden Crumedy (Football); Cameron Crump (M. Track & Field); Alyssa D’Aloise (Soccer); Montana Davidson (Softball); Javian Davis (M. Basketball); Kyle Dobbs (M. Basketball); Keldrick Edwards (M. Track & Field); Grace Fagan (Softball); Shayla Felder (W. Track & Field); Esmeralda Figueroa (Soccer); Dylan Finley (M. Track & Field); Allison Florian (Softball); Nathan Gieb (Football); Scott Goodman (Football); Sindri Gudmundsson (M. Track & Field); Luke Hancock (Baseball); Jesse Henderson (M. Track & Field); Jartavis Jernighan (Football); Jett Johnson (Football); Kyle Johnston (Baseball); Ashley Jones (W. Basketball); Monigo Karnley (Soccer); Brodie King (Football); Olivia Knox (W. Track & Field); Tanner Leggett (Baseball); Chance Lovertich (Football); Chloe Malau’ula (Softball); Jackie McKenna (Softball); Peyton Mickelson (W. Track & Field); Callie Minshew (Volleyball); Cathrina Morris (W. Track & Field); Ben Nelson (M. Golf); Valeria Nikolaev (W. Tennis); Hannah Pimentel (Soccer); Gregor Ramskogler (M. Tennis); Martinas Rankin (Football); Matthew Ray (M. Track & Field); Slater Richardson (M. Track & Field); Deja Robinson (Volleyball); Justin Rumph (M. Basketball); Savannah Schwab (W. Track & Field); Blaise Seale (W. Track & Field); Brayland Skinner (Baseball); Brandon Smith (Baseball); Caroline Standley (W. Track & Field); Sydney Steely (W. Track & Field); Myah Taylor (W. Basketball); Courtney Tompkins (Soccer); Cameron Tullar (Baseball); Austin Vukovits (M. Golf); Macey Wallace (W. Track & Field); Riley Watkins (Baseball); Ava Hayes Weems (W. Track & Field); Omni Wells (Football); Alden Willis (Volleyball). Missouri Momola Adesanmi (Soccer); Noelle Beijer (W. Golf); Blythe Beldner (Soccer); Tommy Boone (M. Golf); Connor Brown (Wrestling); Alexis Burks (Softball); Arianna Butler (W. Track & Field); Casidy Chaumont (Softball); Austin Cheeley (Baseball); Julissa Cisneros (Soccer); Caitlin Clements (W. Swimming & Diving); Mike Coletta (Baseball); Case Cook (Football); Jack Dahlgren (M. Swimming & Diving); Josh Day (Baseball); Rodrigo Diaz (Wrestling); Tauskie Dove (Football); Jack Dubois (M. Swimming & Diving); Cordel Duhart (Wrestling); Keagan Dunn (W. Golf); Jason Edwards (M. Track & Field); Zach Elam (Wrestling); Olivia Evans (W. Track & Field); Eduardo Favela (M. Track & Field); Arianna Fisher (W. Track & Field); Jack Flynn (Wrestling); Abby George (Softball); Molly Gowans (W. Swimming & Diving);; Audrey Guyett (W. Swimming & Diving); Abby Hake (W. Track & Field); Ethan Hanson (M. Track & Field); Hayley Hill (W. Swimming & Diving); Rowan Hodgins (W. Swimming & Diving); Jake Hoffman (Football); Molly Hogg (W. Swimming & Diving); Jarrett Jacques (Wrestling); Jackson Kent (M. Swimming & Diving); Skye Kingsley (Soccer); Danny Kovac (M. Swimming & Diving); CJ Kovac (W. Swimming & Diving); Jacob Kush (Baseball); Bobby Lawrence (Football); Kyle Leach (M. Swimming & Diving); Fox Leum (Baseball); Luke Mann (Baseball); Austin Marozas (Baseball); Hannah McCrary (Gymnastics); Hatti Moore (Softball); Tre Morris (Baseball); Bronte Murgett (Tennis); Jack Parker (M. Golf); Javon Pickett (M. Basketball); Ana Pozder (W. Swimming & Diving); Dack Punke (Wrestling); Emma Raabe (Softball); Jake Raschka (Wrestling); Reilly Revord (W. Track & Field); Trae Robertson (Baseball); Jack Samsel (Football); Alisa Sheremeta (Gymnastics); Keiarra Slack (Soccer); Amanda Smith (W. Swimming & Diving); Emily Snyder (W. Swimming & Diving); Tommy Springer (Baseball); Cason Suggs (M. Track & Field); Anna Sullentrup (W. Track & Field); Michael Terblanche (M. Golf); Sarah Thompson (W. Swimming & Diving); Christian Wall (Baseball); Kimberly Wert (Softball); Kimberly Wert (Softball); Blair Widmer (W. Track & Field); Erin Williamson (Volleyball); Brooke Wilmes (Softball); Erin Zimmerman (W. Track & Field).

South Carolina

Ayris Akbay (W. Swimming & Diving); Laeticia Amihere (W. Basketball); Haley Arner (W. Swimming & Diving); Caroline Bald (Equestrian); Whitley Ballard (Beach Volleyball); Jacob Beasley (M. Tennis); Bailey Betenbaugh (Softball); Ryan Bilichuk (M. Soccer); Julian Bosnic (Baseball); Abby Carroll (Beach Volleyball); Hannah Cella (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Samantha Chang (W. Soccer); Alex Claus (M. Swimming & Diving); Riane Coman (W. Soccer); Pharoh Cooper (CDC/Football); Joshua Corning (M. Soccer); Philip Costin (M. Swimming & Diving); Kendall Couch (W. Tennis); Parker Coyne (Baseball); Kit Cunningham (Equestrian); Megan Davies (W. Tennis); Rafael Davila (M. Swimming & Diving); Nicole Deobler (Beach Volleyball); Casey Douglas (W. Track); Abigail Ellis (W. Swimming & Diving); Robbie Epler (M. Swimming & Diving); Andrew Eyster (Baseball); Hendrik Faber (M. Swimming & Diving); Jordan Fabian (Softball); Thomas Farr (CDC/Baseball); Lyndsey Fowler (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Claire Gerlock (W. Swimming & Diving); Samantha Grant (W. Swimming & Diving); Kensi Gray (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Jahkeem Green (Football); Mike Green (M. Basketball); Jovaughn Gwyn (Football); Ryan Hall (M. Golf); Trinity Hammerschmidt (Equestrian); Cole Hanna (Football); Jyllissa Harris (W. Soccer); Destanni Henderson (W. Basketball); Matthew Hogan (Baseball); Kiera Hughes (W. Track); Emanuel (EJ) Jenkins (Football); Kira Jenkins (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Sutton Jones (W. Soccer); Alice Kass (Equestrian); Macie Kavanaugh (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Trae Kenion (Football); Mariana Kraus (W. Swimming & Diving); Kassidy Krupit (Softball); Raphael Lambling (M. Tennis); Brandon Martin (M. Basketball); Luke Massey (M. Swimming & Diving); Ellie Masterson (W. Swimming & Diving); Kamiah McGrath (Equestrian); Morgan Moseley (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Christina Mueller (Equestrian); Jaylen Nichols (Football); Tamas Novoszath (M. Swimming & Diving); Kelsey Oh (Softball); David Olds (M. Track); Beau Pelletier (M. Tennis); Pressley Perry (W. Track); Sean Petersen (M. Track); Katie Prebble (Softball); Seth Rabinowitz (M. Track); Kayla Racine (W. Track); Briana Reckling (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Patrick Reedy (Football); Destinee Rocker (W. Track); Ronald (RJ) Roderick (Football); Daniel Rodrigues (M. Tennis); AJ Ross (M. Swimming & Diving); Rick Sandidge (Football); Victaria Saxton (W. Basketball); Cailin Saylor (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Emma Scheider (W. Swimming & Diving); Michaela Schrim (Equestrian); Jordan Sessom (M. Track); Jordan Smith (Beach Volleyball); Brianna Stamps (W. Track); Erik Stevenson (M. Basketball); Mackenzie Suffy (Equestrian); Remi Swartz (W. Soccer); Alexa Thorpe (Equestrian); Hannah Twine (W. Track & Field/Cross Country); Rachel Vaughan (Softball); Sloane Vogt (Equestrian); Alex Wade (M. Swimming & Diving); Emma Walker (W. Swimming & Diving); Courtney Weber (Volleyball/Beach Volleyball); Elysa Wesolek (W. Basketball); Kelsey Worthington (W. Track); Cora Wyers (Equestrian); Kathleen Young (W. Track).


Jaimie Armitage (Rowing); Amanda Ayala (Softball); Christopher Bailey (Track & Field/Cross Country); Lexi Bales (Rowing); Mikayla Bardwell (W. Golf); Mallory Beil (Swimming & Diving); Samantha Bender (Softball); Luke Brice (Swimming & Diving); Madison Bryant (Volleyball); Rae Burrell (W. Basketball); Grace Cable (Swimming & Diving); Jerome Carvin (Football); Jay Charleston (Baseball); Alex Crigger (Track & Field/Cross Country); Ivy Davis (Softball); Emma Dilullo (Track & Field/Cross Country); Kylie Duckworth (W. Tennis); Alexus Dye (W. Basketball); Lily Felts (Volleyball); Anna Fox (Softball); John Fulkerson (M. Basketball); Alexandra Gebel (Swimming & Diving); Georde Goodwyn (Track & Field/Cross Country); Jake Hall (M. Golf); Pat Harper (M. Tennis); Scotty Hopson (M. Basketball); Emile Hudd (M. Tennis); Brock Jancek (M. Basketball); Olivia Janke (Track & Field/Cross Country); Ben Joyce (Baseball); Danika Katzer (Swimming & Diving); Parker Kaye (Swimming & Diving); Tessa Kimmy (Rowing); Georgios Korakidis (Track & Field/Cross Country); Bryce Lewis (M. Golf); Caroline Lewis (Track & Field/Cross Country); Joella Lloyd (Track & Field/Cross Country); Danielle Mahaffey (Volleyball); Latavia Maines (Track & Field/Cross Country); Ricky Martinez (Baseball); Sarah McCabe (Track & Field/Cross Country); Teddy McEntee (M. Tennis); Carey McLeod (Track & Field/Cross Country); Gabrielle Morris (Volleyball); Kayky Mota (Swimming & Diving); Mackenzie Ostrom (Soccer); Giana Pellizzon (Volleyball); Allison Rand (Track & Field/Cross Country); Rachel Renner (Swimming & Diving); Trude Rothrock (Swimming & Diving); Breana Runnels (Volleyball); Evan Russell (Baseball); Emily Saunders (W. Basketball); Camden Sewell (Baseball); Sydney Seymour (Track & Field/Cross Country); Nicole Shanahan (Volleyball); Kendall Shields (Swimming & Diving); Danielle Shipp (Track & Field/Cross Country); Logan Steenstra (Baseball); Devin Sullivan (Track & Field/Cross Country); Jalen Tate (Track & Field/Cross Country); Karl Thiessen (Track & Field/Cross Country); Jaida Thomas (Soccer); Jet Tickle (M. Golf); Hannah Tillett (Soccer); Matthew Wade (Swimming & Diving); Jordan Walker (W. Basketball); Mark Wallner (M. Tennis); Redmond Walsh (Baseball); Madelyn Walsh (Rowing); Adam Walton (M. Tennis); Hadley Walts (W. Golf); Jordan West (Track & Field/Cross Country); Hunter Wolcott (M. Golf); Alexis Yager (Swimming & Diving).

Texas A&M

Jessica Anzo (W. Tennis); Juan Arcila (M. Track & Field); London Austin-Roark (Volleyball); Evelyn Beesaw (Equestrian); Jonathon Bishop (M. Track & Field); Daria Britton (Soccer); Kelsey Broadus (Softball); Zach Calzada (Football); Amber Conrad (W. Swimming & Diving); Mason Corbin (M. Track & Field); Caroline Dance (Equestrian); Zachary Davis (M. Track & Field); Kimberly Dow (W. Track & Field); Camryn Ennis (Volleyball); Carrie Fish (W. Track & Field); Annie Fuller (W. Track & Field); Brady Grant (M. Track & Field); McKinzie Green (W. Basketball); Elizabeth Green (W. Track & Field); Erin Griffin (Equestrian); Jean Jenkins (W. Track & Field); Patrick Johnson (M. Track & Field); Camryn Kotlarz (Volleyball); Walker Lee (M. Golf); Nicole Leonard (Equestrian); Kaitlyn Lovingfoss (Equestrian); Tatiana Makarova (W. Tennis); Guido Marson (M. Tennis); Reese Mason (Football); Taylor Masson (Equestrian); Renee McBryde (W. Tennis); Tanner Olson (M. Swimming & Diving); Robert Orebo (Football); Travis Pepin (Football); Kylie Powers (W. Swimming & Diving); Haley Redifer (Equestrian); Jaevin Reed (W. Track & Field); Hayley Riddle (Equestrian); Felipe Bonk Rizzo (M. Swimming & Diving); Alexandra Russell (Soccer); Karlina Sample (Soccer); Jacob Schbaberle (M. Swimming & Diving); Natalie Scheifele (W. Track & Field); Isabel Schween (Equestrian); Peter Simmons (M. Swimming & Diving); Spencer Simons (M. Track & Field); Kathryn Smith (Soccer); Zhane Smith (W. Track & Field); Anish Sriniketh (M. Tennis); Sabrina Sustala (Volleyball); Mallory Talbert (Volleyball); Mark Theall (M. Swimming & Diving); Caroline Theil (W. Swimming & Diving); Bjorn Thomson (M. Tennis); Sam Thornton (M. Swimming & Diving); Katya Townsend (W. Tennis); Matthew Treston (M. Track & Field); Taylor Voss (Volleyball); Ricky Waer (M. Track & Field); Ashlynn Walls (Softball); Mollie Wright (W. Swimming & Diving); Emmanuel Yeboah (M. Track & Field); Alexander Zettler (Football).


Amir Abdur-Rahman (Football); Brinae Alexander (W. Basketball); Madi Allen (W. Soccer); Angelica Anthony (Bowling); Bryce Bailey (Football); Hana Batt (W. Swimming); Jonah Bird (M. Cross Country); Mairin Boyle (W. Soccer); Emily Brooks (Lacrosse); Alex Brown (Football); Whitney Brown (W. Swimming); Karlie Bucci (Lacrosse); Joseph Bulovas (Football); Abby Burke (W. Swimming); Jordyn Cambridge (W. Basketball); Jack Cardillo (Football); Cole Clemens (Football); Lizzy Colwell (W. Swimming); Pierson Cooke (Football); Jessica Creedon (W. Track & Field); Peyton Cutshall (W. Soccer); Angelique Dalesandro (Bowling); Reid Davenport (M Golf); Dan Dawkins (Football); Tonner DeBeer (W. Swimming); Brayden Devault-Smith (Football); Zach Drevno (Football); Jake Eder (Baseball); Maddie Elwell (W. Soccer); Matthew Estopinal (M. Cross Country); Marcus Ferreira (M. Tennis); Gabrielle Fornia (Lacrosse); Max Freeman (M. Tennis); Samantha Gainor (Bowling); Annie Gallagher (W. Cross Country); Brianne Gross (Lacrosse); Sophie Guilmette (W. Soccer); Madiya Harriott (W. Soccer); Brendon Harris (Football); George Harwell (M. Tennis); Grace Jensen (W. Cross Country); Gabe Jeudy-Lally (Football); Cam Johnson (Football); Alina Jones (W. Swimming); Dominic Keegan (Baseball); Raegan Kelley (W. Soccer); Auston Kim (W. Golf); Karissa King (W. Soccer); Tate Kolwyck (Baseball); Malik Langham (Football); Nick Laning (M. Cross Country); Megan MacGillis (Lacrosse); Quentin Millora-Brown (M. Basketball); Hannah Morgan (W. Soccer); Gillian Mortimer (W. Cross Country); Lucas Mowery (M. Cross Country); Francesca Neubauer (W. Swimming); Alston Orji (Football); Harrison Ott (M Golf); Jacqueline Pinon (W. Cross Country); Krislyn Porter (W. Swimming); MaryAnn Rompf (W. Tennis); Gavin Schoenwald (Football); Gabby Seberger (W. Swimming); Ella Shamburger (W. Soccer); Michael Shears (M Golf); Taiya Shelby (W. Track & Field); Harrison Smith (Football); Jordan Smith (W. Track & Field); Madison Souza (Lacrosse); Jonathan Stewart (Football); Callie Sundin (Lacrosse); Asha Taylor (W. Basketball); Lauren Thomas (W. Swimming); Haley Walker (W. Cross Country); Ana Wallace (W. Cross Country); Michael Warden (Football); Andrew Weikert (M. Basketball); Max Worship (Football); Louise Yu (W. Golf).

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