'Morning Joe' Scarborough Admits Ukraine War is Unwinnable - Something He Used to Call 'Putin Talking Points'

‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough Admits Ukraine War is Unwinnable – Something He Used to Call ‘Putin Talking Points’

On Tuesday morning’s edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the former Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haass discussed a piece he published in Foreign Affairs recently, titled “Redefining Success in Ukraine.”

Here’s what happened.

Richard Haass told the hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, “The White House is managing two wars, but in both of them, I would say we’re increasingly at odds with our allies and partners. We just talked the previous hour about differences with Israel about how the war is being fought and about what comes after.”

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From ‘Putin Talking Points’ to ‘How Much Longer Do We Continue Pushing?’

“In Ukraine, I think we’ve got a real problem where there’s simply an enormous gap between what the goals are of the policy and what the realities are.” Haass continued, “The idea that Ukraine is going to militarily liberate all the land that Russia occupies, approximately 20% of their territory, it’s laudable. I support it.”

“It’s just not going to happen,” Haass insisted.

Hold on…

Wasn’t it just a few short weeks ago when anyone who suggested that anything less than a total victory for Ukraine over Russia – that maybe both sides should move toward peace negotiations – was simply parroting ‘Putin talking points?’

Joe Scarborough has certainly accused others of this.

And yet, here’s Scarborough’s response to Haass:

And, Richard, the White House, I mean, the Pentagon a year ago, in February, was saying pretty much the same thing. I mean, we heard about a spring offensive. They were very, very concerned in February, in February of this year, that these lines were going to be frozen in place, much like world war lines throughout Europe. The question is, with wars on two fronts, how long do we, how long do our allies in Europe, who have all done, I think, together, NATO has done an extraordinary job, how much longer do we continue pushing I think, what many people in the Pentagon would think is the unrealistic goal of Ukraine driving every last Russian out of their country?

Wait, what?

Time and time againfor years – Scarborough has accused anyone who was against U.S. funding Ukraine or merely saying that country could not win, of being a Russian sympathizer.

Now he turns on a dime? Because America now has Israel to worry about?


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Haass Admits its Time to Pack It In In Ukraine

But Richard Haass agrees with him. Time to try something new.

Haass responded to Scarborough (emphasis added), “That’s exactly the right question, Joe. What concerns me is when people get disillusioned and increasingly come to the — where you and I are, that as desirable as it is, it’s simply not feasible. They’re going to increasingly say, and we’re hearing it in the House, we’re hearing it in parts of Europe, why should we keep doing this? We’re already stressed. We’re trying to support Israel. We’re worried about Taiwan.”

Haass’s next line was: “Even if we give everything we need to give or want to give to Ukraine, it still won’t lead to success.”

Scarborough would have accused him of being in Putin’s pocket a year ago if he had uttered that same sentence.

Haass continued, “What I argue, therefore, is the United States needs to have some very direct conversations with Ukraine, with President Zelensky. Talk about reducing their emphasis on liberating land and put emphasis onto holding what they’ve got.”

Talking instead of prolonging an endless war with no end in sight.

It’s amazing no one ever thought of that before.

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