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Movie recommendation of the week: Igodo(1999)

Movie recommendation of the week: Igodo(1999)

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Grab a popcorn or not, get on the couch or wherever makes you comfortable. What’s a better way to stay warm through a rainy and long weekend than a rock-solid movie recommendation?

While you were out working during the week, we were also hard at work just to make sure that your weekend is as relaxing as possible.

So kick back, relax and enjoy this Nollywood classic that we strongly recommend you see this weekend:

Cast: Pete Edochie, Nobert Young, Sam Dede,

Andy Amenechi‘s Igodo narrates the story of a village that is troubled by evil spirits and sorcery. The only way to stop these evil spirits is for the men in the village to go to the evil forest to recover a weapon with supernatural powers to fight evil spirits and powers in the village.

Igodo joins this quest to the evil forest. He travels there with a group and returns alone. Most of his colleagues are killed and hunted down by the spirits and monsters of the evil forest who want to prevent them from finding the weapon of amazing powers

Though decades old, Igodo remains an amazing watch. One that easily signified a major development in Nollywood.

In my opinion, Igodo is unparalleled among other works of the late 90s in its narrative ambition and production scale.

Several scenes in the film need no mnemonic to be remembered.

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