Sunday , April 18 2021

Mum’s baby bump was so small her family didn’t know she was pregnant till she gave birth


A mum was able to hide her pregnancy for the entire nine months as her bump was so small, it looked like she had just eaten a light dish.


Chelsea Smith, 26, saw her mum, sister and father-in-law every day throughout her pregnancy but says nobody knew she was carrying her third child.




Chelsea and husband Jack, 29, decided to keep the pregnancy a secret following a scare when their daughter Susie arrived prematurely.


She and her husband welcomed their baby, Bertie, on January 31, weighing 5lb 7oz.


Chelsea, said: “I didn’t have any symptoms of pregnancy. No morning sickness, no cravings – not even a bump.




“Nobody had a clue. It just looked like I had a curry.


“It wasn’t like we were planning on playing a big joke on all our friends and family. I just liked the idea of keeping it to ourselves.”


After giving birth to Bertie, they sent texts to family with a photo of the baby to surprise them.


A screenshot shows the reaction from her family to news that she welcomed a baby.



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