Thursday , August 11 2022
"My Album will make history" - CKay makes bold claim about forthcoming album

“My Album will make history” – CKay makes bold claim about forthcoming album

On the subject of history, ‘Love Nwantiti’ made history when it surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify making CKay the African with the highest streaming song on the platform. The self-proclaimed AfroEMO singer followed up the success of ‘Love Nwantiti’ with ‘Emiliana’ which has been certified gold in France.

Going by his domestic followership, Ckay wouldn’t be considered a major star whose album will attract wide mainstream attention. The 2019 project ‘Ckay the First’ was adjudged by critics to be a good album, but it didn’t quite catch on in Nigeria.

‘Love Nwantiti,’ the lead single off the album enjoyed limited success in Nigeria compared to its explosive international success.

Ckay’s 2021 ‘Boyfriend EP’ is considered to be a top project and it made the list of the top projects for the year, However, beyond its lead single ‘Felony’ which enjoyed decent success, the EP didn’t enjoy much mainstream attention.

For Ckay, his fortune changed when his 2019 single ‘Love Nwantiti’ became the biggest song in the world two years after its release. The single which now has countless international remixes rocketed Ckay to international fame and made him one of the most streamed artists in Africa. With the eyes of the world on Ckay, Nigerian listeners have been compelled to notice his talents and pay attention to his music.

Given his international success and the domestic respect and admiration it inspired, it’s unsurprising that Ckay believes he will make history with his next album. What remains, however, is how he intends to achieve this goal.

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