Saturday , October 1 2022
Netflix has confirmed the release of "Collision Course"

Netflix has confirmed the release of “Collision Course”

Announcing its September 2, 2022 debut, the filmmaker shared an Instagram post detailing what fans can expect from the James Amuta scripted title.

“We waited and waited and waited but we always get tbe best time. After so many awards and festivals, we are finally releasing. This movie means a lot to all of us. It won Best Movie West Africa for a reason. The actors nailed it and the story is well written by James Amuta,” Austen-Peters wrote.

“Collision Course is a heart-thumping story told in 24 hours about the lives of a law enforcement agent and an aspiring musician. It explores the seedy underbelly of rogue law enforcement officers and the painful and atrocious results of their actions as they collide head-on with the struggling musician and the conflicted member of the police force.”

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