Monday , March 27 2023
CPR Training

NFL To Offer Free CPR Training During Super Bowl Week

The NFL will offer free CPR training during Super Bowl week, and it’s inspired by the lifesaving medical attention Damar Hamlin received on-field during a game last month. 

Next week, the American Heart Association and the NFL will join forces to provide this CPR eduction in Arizona, as part of the NFL Experience at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Hamlin has also teamed up the AHA and they’re helping him with his #3forHeart CPR Challenge.

“Being able to deliver care in emergency situations is not just important at sporting events, but in all walks of life,” NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell said in a statement.

People who attend the mobile training unit will receive hands-only CPR training from experts and receive CPR information that can be shared across their communities.

“Coming out of the events from last month with Damar Hamlin on the field and the remarkable work that the emergency responders performed, we thought about what opportunities existed for us to share some of the learnings that came from that experience more broadly, which is part of our responsibility throughout the world of football and maybe the world of sports.” NFL executive Jeff Miller said.

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