Monday , June 14 2021
'Nigeria needs to be born again,' former presidential candidate Moghalu preaches restructuring

‘Nigeria needs to be born again,’ former presidential candidate Moghalu preaches restructuring

Many separatist groups especially in the southern region have been clamouring to break away from a united Nigeria.

They have mainly accused the Federal Government of discrimination against their interests, and demanded they be allowed to form their own independent nations.

Moghalu in a series of tweets on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 said a renegotiation of the country and fundamental restructuring of it will significantly address the separatist agitations.

“Too many micro nationalisms have been unleashed by today’s leadership failure.

“Wisdom is to understand this and ensure justice and equity to every part of our country.

“There can be no peace without justice,” he said.

The Southern Governors’ Forum recently said Nigeria’s progress requires urgent and bold steps to restructure the country to practice true federalism.

The President Muhammadu Buhari-led government has been widely-criticised by numerous stakeholders for failing to sincerely entertain the idea of restructuring, especially since the president has always maintained that the nation’s current state is non-negotiable.

Moghalu on Tuesday said the idea of an indivisible Nigeria must be challenged, and that leaders must engage with restructuring and build a union on the basis of a mutually-agreed consensus.

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