Sunday , May 22 2022
'Nollywood Behind High Ritual Rates'

‘Nollywood Behind High Ritual Rates’

Nigerian music producer, Samuel Oguachuba better known as Samklef, has blamed Nollywood for the increasing rate of ritual killing in the country.

According to the popular music producer via the micro blogging platform, Twitter, the movies being produced by the Nigerian film industry are influencing young ones to go into money rituals.

Read the post below;

“Igbo Nolly wood, English and Yoruba movie are the reason why a lot of young boys are doing rituals. They keep promoting fetish stuff in all their movies.

‘Nigeria movies producer can do better. Everything must now be based on juju and religion.”

Meanwhile, Nollywood comic actor, Okon Lagos, also expressed worry over the increasing rate of ritual killings amongst young people.

The comic actor via his Instagram page on Sunday, implored parents to pay special attention to their male children.

Naija News understand that there are several reports of how fraudsters butchers their girlfriends for money making purposes.

Speaking on the disturbing development, the actor wrote, “Back in the day, money rituals were older men. Very older men. They had this look, aura, and presence that when they appear you will hear comments like ” this one looks like a ritualist. Today, it is different. Small kpingili, kekere, tiny boys everywhere plucking eyes and body parts from young girls just to drive Benz. Sad!! Fix the boy child please.”

Okon added, “Let’s fix the boy child and do it ASAP. It’s a shorter route to decriminalizing and putting an end to most societal vices in our fast decaying society. Let’s put a central and foundational end to all these k**lings of young girls by these Benz driving Wannabe boys. Happy Sunday.”

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